Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Can Dish It Out, But You Can't Take It

It started innocuously enough.
I had posted a link to this on my Facebook page. I did it for two reasons. One, I was trying to let Fred know that it was indeed me putting in a friend request. (He rejected me anyway. Bastard.) The other reason was to counter my brother, who uses his page to post opinion pieces from the NY Times. (Get a blog!) But I forgot.
One of my friends is a conservative. Well, not a conservative, but a Limbaugh spouting parrot, as exampled by his comment:
Hope and Change, Yes we Can I was inspired, and it proved I'm not racist

Of course, I know that not to be true, having been a friend of his for sometime now. I didn't respond, because, really, there was nothing to respond to. A day later, he posted another comment:
Just giving ya a hard time, looks like a regular from Snug
(a place we used to work together)
Still, no response from me, as I felt no response was necessary. All in good fun, he tried to bait me, and was unsuccessful. In the meantime, another friend posted a comment:
Oh, yeah. I'm looking for the joke with a microscope, missing my sense of humor.

Still, no reason to respond. Then, for some reason, last night, the first friend posted two more comments:
wow, sorry, lets get back to dogging bush.

can't wait for the new taxes, we'll finally get all those evil rich people

Now, he's fully OT, and so, I felt the need to respond in the same spirit as my friend:
I had to go back and check, but yeah, I don't think I dogged Bush at all in that link. Nor do I believe I mentioned anything about taxing those evil rich people. I merely pointed out how conservatives sense of humor isn't very funny at all, just a little racist and/or macabre.
I mean, how stupid are conservatives? They don't want to spend any money to help those people who have no health insurance, but don't seem to have a problem socializing our defense department and spending billions of dollars in Iraq fighting a war against a country that posed no real threat to the US, had no links to al Qaeda, and wasn't involved in 9/11, all for the benefit of a few, dare I say it, evil rich people.
But that's okay. Just keep listening to Rush Limpballs and parroting his talking points, waving your flag and driving your gas sucking pig of a car. Maybe in 2012 you can vote
for Palin, and maybe she'll stick the job out this time.

That was this morning, and now I find that I have been deleted as his friend. Did I go over the line? I don't think so, I was merely responding to his taunts and baiting which were OT. We've always had a difference of opinion when it came to politics, but could agree on most everything else. While I did vote for Obama, I'm sure, being the astute political type he is, he would notice that there is no difference in foreign policy between Bush and Obama, which means we're both suckers for the corpocracy.
Or, maybe, I should just let it go.


Frederick said...

Hey, sorry about that man. I've been working on my Dad's old house hardcore, sheet rock, plumbing, the whole 9 yards. I haven't been on the internet till just this week.

Pete K said...

No matter the subject, the tenor or tone, if you say something or you choose not to, there will always (*always*) be some one close at hand to take it very, very personally.

It goes from the ridiculous to the sublime. Case in point: My sister called me a freak in a comment on a photo I uploaded to facebook. I figure, what the hey, bustin; my chops. I share "What's On My Mind" and she writes "alrighty then," potentially condescending but not original enough to warrant a response. I share a quote by a French writer, she writes"Huh?" I joke that since it's not Charlie Brown, maybe she doesn't get it. My phone rings, it's my angry sister calling me an ass hole. Oh dear me!