Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Don't Want Be Called An Asshole..........Don't Act Like One

The British Parliament is considering passing a law to make it a criminal act to call Jews Nazis. Just because Israel walled up Palestinians in the equivalent of a ghetto and have been systematically eliminating them through military force and siege like behavior doesn't make them Nazis, it just means they learned from the Nazis. But, in the effort of fairness, and to not give one group extra rights over everyone else, perhaps it should be criminal to call some one an anti-Semite when they publish a piece are critical of anything short of the Jewish religion itself.
But why stop with just Zionists? Why not criminalize any comparison to the Nazis? The left would no longer be able to refer to the GOP as the "Reich Wing", and Limbaugh and all his mindless shittohead followers would be forbidden to use the term 'feminazi'. This might even elevate political discourse on the net and eliminate Godwin's Law.


Tom Harper said...

Imagine how hamstrung the wingnuts would be if they couldn't say "moonbat," "feminazi," "you hate America" or "the terrorists!"

They wouldn't be able to form a complete sentence.

libhom said...

Maybe the Brits should just consider free speech.