Thursday, July 16, 2009

The US Plans To Attack Another Nation That Had Nothing To Do With 9/11 In It's Continuation Of The Alleged War On Terror

Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which guarantees it the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It also requires Iran to open up it's process to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which it has done, and fully co-operated with in it's performance of it's job. The IAEA has found that not one grain of the uranium Iran has enriched has been diverted to any other program. The US has also signed the same treaty, which requires that the US not interfere with any country developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
So why has the G-8 set a deadline for Iran to accept negotiations over its nuclear ambitions or else face tougher sanctions? Is it because Iran is ruled by a bunch of thugs who murder foreign leaders? Oh wait, that's the United States. Has Iran threatened any body in the world with military action? Once again, that's the US which has shown that the Obama administration is no different than the Cheney/Bush regime when it comes to sending troops to die for big oil.
Now Israel has stepped into this as well, promising the international community to offer concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state as well as on its settlement policy and "issues" with Arab neighbors, in exchange for international backing for an Israeli operation in Iran.As a matter of fact two Israeli warships sailed through the Suez Canal within cruise-missile range of Iran earlier this week. Couple that with the Israeli Air Force joining the USAF in a training exercise, and you can almost hear the bombs falling on Tehran as Us media types report on the damage while computer generated flags wave in the background as stirring pseudo-patriotic music plays. Why watch Michael Jackson get burned when you can watch Iranian women, children and men get bombed?


Snave said...

The more things change, the more it seems they stay the same...

Anonymous said...

Sure, they want it for only safety purposes.

Except they want to destroy Israel completely and have missles whose only use would be a payload of very 'unconventional' means.

You know, except for that, you sound pretty smart.

Tom Harper said...

The War on Terror is just beginning. The following countries have Weapons of Mass Destruction and must be liberated:

Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia. And Honduras too, unless our pro-American general/puppet can keep that commie ex-president out of the country.

Democracy will flower all over the Middle East and Latin America and our troops will be greeted as liberators.

libhom said...

Ramblings: Did you know that Iran started the nuclear power program under the Shaw, with the full support of the US?

Anonymous said...

First off, it's Shah... lol

And secondly, I have no problem with a nuclear program run by American scientists, American money, for American purposes within a American puppet state.

I don't see how anyone could. Just because in that instance it happened to be in one of our close allies (i.e. puppet states) instead of our own country hardly matters.

The differences now? Untold.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with a nuclear program run by American scientists, That's mighty elitist of you American money, for American purposes Which could have been possible if we didn't have such a confrontational foreign policy. Instead, the Russians get to make the money from the project at Bushehr within a American puppet state. That's very undemocratic of you, as well as ultimately un-American. How you can justify your position shows how truly warped your thinking really is in comparison with reality.

Anonymous said...

Elitist of me to be fine with American scientists researching nuclear technology? lol you're the official village idiot - what am I supposed to be like, I hate American scientists to do research?

Back to the Russians, are we? Heh, grow up and out of the Cold War plox. It's called The Russian Federation now and days... Not The USSR. LOL

Sorry to inform you, but this country was founded on liberty - not democracy. Sorry you didn't know that. *zing!*

Anonymous said...

It is elitist with you to be fine with American scientists researching nuclear technology, but not with anybody else doing their own research. Apparently, your idea of "liberty", the basic foundation of this country, isn't extended to other, non-Americans. Hence the elitist tag.
It's called The Russian Federation now and days... Not The USSR. LOL
I don't believe I referred to it as the USSR. It was not a throwback to the "Cold War" days, just a mention of the fact that the capitalists of the US lost out top the capitalists of Russia because of a combative foreign policy that only serves defense contractors.
Sorry to inform you, but this country was founded on liberty - not democracy Empty and shallow words from someone whose idea of liberty is placing a corporatist in charge of a country that will enslave the citizens to agenda that serves not their will, but the will of big oil.
So basically you're saying that the US is not a democratic republic, that we should all trust our leaders to make our decisions for us, because they are always looking out for our best interest. How young are you? Twelve?