Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will Clinton Pull A Powell?

In 2002 it was much easier to sell a war. Our corporate controlled Congress co-mingled nicely with our corporate controlled media to sell us many reasons we needed to invade Iraq, from Saddam has a cheesy mustache to his feet stink really bad and he hogs all the covers at night. Throw that together with an American audience angered at the delay of the release of the new Spiderman movie while the Twin Towers were digitally erased, and you have a recipe for war.
But you have to give the Obama administration points for trying. On NBC's Beat The Drums today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Iran's pursuit of nukes futile. What's really futile is the War Party's constant lies about Iran even after Director Of National Intelligence Dennis Blair's statement about Iran not re-starting it's nuclear weapons program. Perhaps the politically minded Clinton should remember what happened to Colin Powell after he lied to the UN about Saddam's non-existent nukes.
While Iran may possess defensive missiles, the only way that could endanger the television watchers is if Iran used them to take out Octomom before her reality show hits the air. So the media plays out the birther thing longer than it needs to be (started by a group of people who had no problem with a Bush administration full of people with dual citizenship and loyalty) it's important to remember who is the threat here and who only wishes to defend it's people from a fate similar to it's neighbors to the west.


libhom said...

Hillary Clinton is a militant, Christian fundamentalist who is obsessed with starting wars to subjugate and kill Muslims.

Lew Scannon said...

Yes, she is. Which is why I could never understand why progressive feminists backed her candidacy.

Tom Harper said...

So my TV viewing won't be threatened by anything Iran could do? Whew! Back to my soaps.