Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Do I Have To Pay For This?

A Review by the government of the warrantless wiretapping declares it of little value in the so-called 'war on terror', but it must have had some value for the Cheney regime. While it held no value in fighting "terrorism", it did help them gather dirt on political opponents. It also helped them plug leaks with regards to the governments involvement in 9/11.
It is perhaps the information gathered by the Cheney regime that keeps him from jail for concealing a secret "counterterrorism" program from congress, probably the executive assassination ring. But, instead of going to jail, what does Cheney get for his criminal actions? Six more months of secret service protection. Security authorities in Dallas, Texas decided to cut back on former President George W. Bush's protection amid increasing costs, and he was the fucking president. So once again, the Cheney regime has gotten a pass from the Obama administration. Makes me wonder what kind of information they have on Barack?

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Tom Harper said...

I think the main purpose of all that spying was just to gather as much information as possible about as many people as possible. It makes good leverage, knowing which skeletons are in everybody's closet.

Of course their stated purpose was "to protect Americans!" but wingtards are the only ones dumb enough to believe that.