Monday, December 29, 2008

US Partner In War Crimes

For years, people have been fed the atrocities of the Hitler regime, and yes, the Holocaust was a bad thing. But in an effort to ensure that "never again" will genocide be used against the Jewish people, genocide is now being used to protect the people of Israel.
And whatb does this have to do with us in the US? Well, for one, we blocked a UN vote calling for Israel to stop their attacks against the people of Gaza. And we are pushing Hamas for a durable ceasefire when in fact it was Israel who violated the last ceasefire agreement.
So while the world rallies around the Palestinians, remember that the US is Israels' partner in war crimes, and that never again should be applicable to all humans.


Frederick said...

The United States of America, #1 state sponsor of terrorism since 1949.

libhom said...

Your posting is depressingly accurate.