Friday, December 26, 2008

Scannon Family Top Ten For 2008

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to share with you the past year's obsessions within the Scannon family household. Some are old, and some are new, and some are exclusively ours.
10.Legend Of The Seeker

Around here television watching isn't a form of mindless entertainment, it's a family activity where anything and everything is up for ridicule. Case in point:Legend of the Seeker, a Hercules/Xena hybrid with a bit of Lord of the Rings thrown in as well. Featuring a hero with anachronistic hair, a cleavage bearing female lead, and a wizard who bears more than a passing resemblance to Todd Rundgren, who, ironically, once titled an album A Wizard, A True Star(bonus points if you can connect a wizard attack to a Rundgren song title, it helps to have somewhat a familiarity with his canon) Cheesy yes, but boundless interactive entertainment for those who enjoy riffing on bad television.

While still not equaling earlier enthusiasm, when everything deer was dear to their hearts, my kids can still be persuaded to take a walk through Huff Park, where these magnificent mammals may be observed, running freely through the thicket, like a bad Ted Nugent song (is there any other kind?)
8.The Simpsons
While it may not have jumped the shark as of yet, America's longest running animated prime time series is circling the cage. And with older and far more superior seasons still in syndication, one is sure to find an episode you haven't as yet seen, at least in a while. So we still make time around here to catch it while we can.

7.You Tube
From watching their Cousin Nick do a bad Christopher Walken impersonation, to watching an endless choice of Green Day videos, spending time at YouTube is always a choice for this family.
Watch this Todd Rundgren Beatles homage/parody "I Just want To Touch You":

6.House, MD A drama about a drug abusing doctor? How is that not appropriate for children. While not our collective favorite show, it is fun to watch for fans of A Bit of Laurie and Fry.
5.Tropic Thunder"These head movies make my eyes rain."

4.The Dark Knight-The best movie of the year,the best Batman movie ever, and the most superlative super hero movie. Director Christopher Nolan takes another step up. Plus, that dead guy did a good job as The Joker.
Seriously, someone who had seen the movie recently at work commented on how dark the movie was, and how they could see how the role may have driven Heath Ledger to overdose on drugs. But watching the movie, to me, it seemed that this was an actor having the time of his life in the ultimate role of his life.
3.WiiGiven as a gift from Grandma last Christmas. Much better than the XBox, the Xbox 360, the Wii forces more body movement (and therefore, more isometric exercise) from those who play. Whether it be at their mother's house, or on the occasion when they bring it here, nothing occupies the boy's time more than their Wii.
2.The Beatles-Once, it was the boys main obsession. Now, it has fallen by the wayside as the boys found a new band that is actually writing recording and releasing new material in this millennium. Still, our vinyl collection(s) picked up more favorites from the Fabs this year. And that makes
1.Green Day number one on the list, as the boys scramble to have the most Green Day CDs in their collections. And, it has led to endless arguments about who is the better band, Green Day, or Butthole Surfers? One thing for certain, with the release of a new Green Day album in 2009, they're sure to remain at the top of the list.
But hey, at least it's not the Jonas Brothers.


John Good said...

Great Top Ten, Lew. We're venturing to your burg tomorrow to visit the in-laws in Wyoming. I just wanted to verify that there aren't any Gerald Ford adoration events planned or anything. Young eyes in the vehicle and all, you know. . .

Lew Scannon said...

Wyoming? I got a sister in Wyoming. So what kind of lawn ornament do your in-laws have?

Snave said...

You have pretty good taste there at your place! I love the way the Rundgren-like guy looks in the photo, but not nearly as much as I love Rundgren's music! You might like his newest one, "Arena". Good stuff!

Mrs. Snave and I may yet get ourselves a Wii. We do need to move a bit more in front of the TV.

Green Day is a good thing for people to like... although I do have to admit I sure do love the Surfers' "Hairway to Steven", which I bought solely for the hilarious cover art but then found that I liked quite a bit. I used to have their first album on vinyl, and it had a track called "The Revenge of Anus Presley". GREAT stuff!

PTCruiser said...

Butthole Surfers. Period.

Anonymous said...

I liked your list. I would compile one of my own, but I just don't care enough about stuff to do it!

Happy New Year to ya! :)


Tom Harper said...

Thank God for YouTube. Net surfing would be awfully quiet without it.

I haven't liked much of Green Day that I've heard, but I do like their version of Working Class Hero.