Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Philosopher's Stone

The Republican party was at a loss following the last presidential election, and seeking a leader. A number of the people in the party chose to rally around Sarah Palin, not because of any good reason, rather, because she said things that they wanted to hear. like "Drill baby, drill!"
Meanwhile, in the past election cycle, Ron Paul was ridiculed because he said things they didn't want to hear, such as things stated in the above video.
The American dream of unlimited growth is unsustainable. With a finite amount of resources available in this country, only so much value can be ascribed to it. The only way the truly wealthy can acquire more wealth is if the take it from the collective rest of us in a grand, glorified Ponzi Scheme disguised as a free market. The defense contractors and brokers and other criminal members of the corpocracy are looting the country, printing us up a bunch of worthless paper that becomes less valuable with every CEO that gets a bailout, until one day, all that will be left is a bunch of beer swilling television watchers wondering "Wha happened?" as they stand waving a flag that used to stand for something.


Tom Harper said...

And what's even worse: those beer-swilling TV watchers will still be in favor of the Ponzi schemers who got us all into this mess. And anybody who criticizes the robber barons and Ponzi schemers will be dismissed as a "socialist" who "hates America."

Melissa B. said...

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libhom said...

I don't think Ron Paul really objects to the Ponzi Scheme called the "free market." He certainly opposes the Iraq War, though.