Friday, October 06, 2006

Questions I'd Like To Ask Dick DeVos

This Wednesday is the second gubernatorial debate between Gov. Jennifer granholm and wannabe Dick DeVos, which will be broadcast locally on WOOD-TV 8 and moderated by new anchor Suzanne Geha. Which causes me to ponder, if the last one was on Fox, and this one's on TV-*, when will the moderators be more favorable to Governor Granholm? Fox has shown it's tendency to lean right, and WOOD-TV has shown a clear republican bias, with mopderator Suzanne Geha nearly orgasmic when Bush stole, er, I mean "won" the election in 2000. When will the people have a chance to ask questions of the candidates?
Well, as it turns out you can submit a question here and perhaps it will be used by the moderator. So here are some of the questions I would like answered.
Mr. DeVos, you have been a major contributor to the Republican party, which has controlled the legislature for the last eighteen years, as well as a donator to many foundations such as the Heritage Foundation, which advocates the outsourcing of American jobs as one of it's beliefs, can you name a specific legislation passed by the Republican legislature that would create more jobs in Michigan that has been vetoed by Governor Granholm?
Mr. DeVos, in your campaign advertisements, you state you want to work to create a better Michigan for all people. How will your voucher program, which will take money away from public schools and fund private and parochial schools, make a better Michigan for everyone when we all benefit from having decent public education?
Mr. DeVos, you tout your leadership abilities to create jobs as President of Amway, yet you fail to mention your failure to address abuse problems brought ot your attention as a primary investor in Alterra, which continued after you took control and placed one of your cronies in charge. You also appointed a crony who mismanaged the Orlando Magic, causing attendence to drop at home games there, which you then attributed to the arena itself, to which you are now asking the city to give you a tax break to build a new stadium. Is this example of leadership, or the type of cronyism rampant in the current Bush administration, to which you contributed to as well?
Mr. DeVos, you blame the state's current economic woes on Governor Granholm, but isn't it true that she inherited a record deficit when she took office, which was created by her predecessor, John Engler, whom you supported and financed as the leader of the state Republican party? Can you name one piece of legislation that Governor Granholm has vetoed that would have worked to create more jobs in Michigan?
And finally, Mr. DeVos, since you as president of Amway shipped jobs to China, as well as invested in China, isn't it true that your interest in attaining the governorship is to forward your far right agenda of teaching intelligent design as science, funding religion from tax dollars, anti-abortion and anti-gay legislation and other extremist policies rejected by the voters of Michigan, such as your voucher plan?


Anonymous said...

right on

Peacechick Mary said...

This has got to be scary - especially since DeVos is such a wealthy man with low ethics to begin with. I hope he is defeated and can't buy the state of Michigan.

Renegade Eye said...

Why isn't the Democrat asking those questions?

Citisucks said...

renegade eye,
The reason is because they are a fake opposition party. They know that either way the corporate terrorists win.

Given the quality of today's debates I am guessing the most difficult question will be something like what is your favorite ice cream flavor.

DivaJood said...

lew, did you submit the questions? Let's all submit them.

azgoddess said...

keep it local - yes...good work!

Anonymous said...

you should send these to Mike Wendland of the Detroit free press, he is one of the people asking the questions.

Kathy said...

Excellent questions, Lew. I think you should take anonymous' advice and submit them to Mike Wendland too.

By the way, the movie BELIEVE opens in Grand Rapids on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Having watched the first debate, I wouldn't hold my breath, Lew. DeVos didn't answer any questions then, and he probably won't now. He will stick to fragmented talking point soundbites, just like his hero, Dumbya.