Thursday, October 19, 2006

Can't See The Quagmire For All The Sectarian Violence

Bush yesterday acknowledged that the major offensive by the Iraqi insurgency (in it's last throes, according to Cheney, for the last year and a half, or so) is similar to the Tet offensive. Well, he didn't use the term Tet offensive because it's fairly certain that unless some one explained it to him, he wouldn't have a clue as to what the Tet Offensive was. No, he was just responding to an assessment by NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman.
One might think this could be a step towards acknowledgement by the people who keep telling us how wonderful their war is that maybe they're starting to recognize it as the quagmire it truly is, but these are the people who've seen Rambo:First Blood PtII one too many times and think we could have won in Viet Nam if only our soldiers had been given the chance to win. What they're really saying is that if all you war protesters just shut up and supported our troops, the enemy wouldn't feel energized to continue their campaign of resistance to a foreign occupation force. Because God knows, the liberal media here gives in-depth coverage to each and every protest staged in this country and beams it out all over the world via sattelite for the insurgents to see, when they have electricity to power their television sets.
White House press secretary Tony Snow stepped back from Bush's statement with utterly the most cockamamie statement of his own:
"We do not think that there's been a flip-over point, but more importantly from the standpoint of the government and the standpoint of this administration, we're going to continue pursuing victory aggressively."

Gee, it's about time! Perhaps if they had pursued victory aggressively from the start, this sordid little chapter in American history would be done with, but of course if they did that, all that off the books cash to defense contractors and the like would have dried up and they'd have to go back to cooking books to afford that new Park Avenue co-op.
Bush still sees al-Qaeda as being active in Iraq, what better place to recruit people to fight your enemy than the people whose country was completely destroyed by your enemy? Of course, al-Qaeda wouldn't even be in Iraq if we had stayed in Afghanistan to fight them, instead of cutting and running to a country weakened by years of economic sanctions.
Now even some of the wingnuts are saying the war was a mistake but
The WMD fiasco was a global intelligence failure, but calling Saddam Hussein's bluff after 9/11 was the right thing to do

Saddam's bluff? He never claimed to have any weapons of mass destruction, and anybody with a computer, an internet connection and half a brain could have told you that as well. Not only was the war a mistake, but it was totally unnecessary as well.


Betty Cracker said...

Schadenfreude is one of my guilty pleasures, I must admit. The fact that the people who originally supported this immoral, illegal enterprise to begin with now recant it does nothing to bring back the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded and the untold miseries that will haunt us for generations to come. But I do enjoy watching the former war mongers squirm. Does that make me a bad person?

Renegade Eye said...

Considering the nature of the insurgency, Cambodia may be a better analogy.

The Islamists and Saddamists, shouldn't be in the same sentence, as the valiant Vietnamese.

Peacechick Mary said...

Yeah, it almost like the Bushites said, "Let's have a long drawn out war, do everything halfass and that way we can suck more money out of the U.S. treasurery and make laws that clamp down on the protesters so we can keep going." Jerks. You are right, we are where we should not be for no reason whatsoever. Tet, my foot.

DivaJood said...

Well, they do have a new political ad coming out with Osama Bin Laden. You know, the guy who is dead?

Donnie McDaniel said...

I keep saying it, everytime I hear something Bush says, I feel like have dropped ten IQ points!!

Anonymous said...

The WMD fiasco was a global intelligence failure, but calling Saddam Hussein's bluff after 9/11 was the right thing to do...

Huh? I can't even freakin' parse that.

Newsguy said...

I wish I had said this, but I heard it elsewhere:

Bush recently compared the Iraq war to Vietnam.

Thing is, he had a plan for getting out of Vietnam.


Newsguy said...
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