Saturday, September 30, 2006

But Who Will Protect Us From Them?

The Republicans like to tout there position on national security. It's their one strong point and they've used it to their advantage at every oppurtunity. But the truth is, beneath their glossy veneer, they're not really protecting the citizens at all.
The NIE that was leaked last week is one example. While Bush has been claiming the war in Iraq was protecting us from terrorists the truth is that it has been creating more terrorists. Which hs been good at protecting the security of defense contractors growing fat at the public tit, it hasn't protected our tax dollars that could be better spent here at home.
Another example is the rider attached to a bill passed by the Republicans exempting pharmaceuticals from lawsuits brought on by parents whose children developed autism from the mercury in childhood vaccines. They protect the corporations, at the expense of parents and children nationwide. It certainly seems that the Republicans are good at protecting their own.
The torture bill passed this week by Congress shows how far they will go to protect their President. Never mind that a post de facto law is unconstitutional, the actions of the president were unconstitutional as well, thereby justifying two wrongs making some twisted right. And written into that bill was a provision that the President could declare anyone who opposes him an "enemy combatant". Do you feel any safer knowing that this won't be abused by a so-called person who doesn't ever put your best interests up front?
When Hurricane Katrina hit last year, even though they received an advance warning that it would be the catastrophe it was, did the Bush regime make any effort to protect the people? Even when the Superdome was filled with dying people with no water and no hope, nothing was done to help these people.
But the icing on the cake has to be the recent revelation that Rep. Mark Foley was a sexual predator, which was revealed to Republican leadership months ago, and they chose not to do anything about it until it became public knowledge.

So here's one of their own, preying on teenage boys, and what does Hastert do? Does he act in the best public interest and do something about it? How about Boehner? Can't do anything against the party, in effect placing the party before the American people. I don't think we need them to protect us, what we need is someone who will protect us from these sleazebags.


PTCruiser said...

Does that make me an "enemy combatant"? Great post, Lew.

Granny said...

I read they booed Nancy Pelosi because she asked for an investigation.

Peacechick Mary said...

This is the best post I have read in the past 24 hours. I hadn't thought of that - we need to be protected from our own government. The checks and balances are defintiely not working.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that this scandal will bring that Denny Hastert down...after he becomes the minority leader, of course.

I agree...great post.

karena said...

You know, how can they put a rider on that bill protecting pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits on mercury in vaccines when pharmaceutical companies claim there is not evidence? There must be a ton of evidence. Robert Kennedy Jr, has been on this trail, and they are running scared. Want to avoid autism from mercury, avoid vaccines. I don't trust them much at all anyway. Parents who refuse them are villified by their friends and family members, treated as kooky monsters who are jeapordizing the health and safety of all kids over some tin-foil hat theory. There must be a lot of meat to this tin-foil hat theory.

Kathy said...

Amen. Nothing more needs to be said.

Citisucks said...

Even prior to this the terrorist regime has already begun taking political prisoners. Here is a list of them. Also see the SHAC7, bloggers who are being held as political prisoners.