Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Computer Issues

The people who write and unleash computer viruses are the same as terrorists in my book. Nothing more annoying as when you're banging oout a post and your screen freezes. It's bad enough when it's blogger's fault, but when some idiot hacker thinks it's his(or her)business to point out flaws in operating systems, they deserve to be shot. Computers are expensive pieces of machinery that cost money to repair, so it's as if they are stealing from me. We all should be able to surf the net with out dealing with someone's perverted sense of righteousness gumming up our tubes!
So I propose that instead of cracking down on internet pornography, the government start going after the hackers who cost us untold amounts of dollars in lost data a year. We should be secure in our homes from people who inflict this type of crap on others. I'd feel better and safer if the government went after them, rather than some Iraqi civilian who was no threat to me at all. Death to the cryptofascist cyberterrorists!


Elizabeth Branford said...


The answer to cyber terror would be solved immediately if y'all would switch to macs!

Five years. Never a virus. Never freezes. Nothing! Ten windows open at a time and nothing happens! Ever! My pc always seems to have something going on.

Now blogger can't be helped no matter what you type on or which OS.

A lot of people have had trouble, especially lately with comments.

sumo said...

True to what Elizabeth said. I know lots of others that have complained of their PC crashing when going to some sites. Mine being one of them...but after about a week...it works again. And yes Blogger is really goofed up these days.

Lew Scannon said...

after already have invested in a PC, I refuse to be part of the consumptive society and purchase a new computer every six months.
I used to have problems with your site until I switched my browser to Firefox. That cleared up a lot of problems.

Peacechick Mary said...

curses on all the hackers. May they all develop a large, crusted, oozing, sore on their bum and never sit at a computer again!

Frederick said...

I just bought a 2 year old gateway laptop. Picked it up for $200. I'm running a bootleg copy of windows without service pack 2. For virus protection I have Macaffe virus and firewall, and pest patrol (all free from the Army). Hasn't screwed me over or froze up once...and I put it through hell (not to mention that the guy that had it before me took it to Iraq with him to watch dvd's in his Bradly late at night). I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a mac. I don't think I want one anyways. Next computer I'll own I'll build myself.

azgoddess said...

ok - since you are stuck with a second rate machine (ok, i'm a mac bigot - grin)

then change the damn operating system to a unix-flavor like linux...

at least you have ten-hundred times better security with unix

and FYI - mac's are not as expensive in the long run as windoz machines...on average i can keep mine around for a few years...unlike windoz which need changes every 6 months...it's an investment

sumo said...

I think that's why people had a problem with my site for the most part...it was the firefox thing...and my son told me from the beginning it was their browsers that were at fault.