Friday, September 01, 2006

Continuing On With A Wasted Effort

For George W.'s next speech to sell his misguided war on terror, he's decided to bring representatives from countries that have suffered terrorists attacks to sit in the audience. This is not a brilliant move, unless Bush thinks the 65% of Americans who oppose the war in Iraq are idiots.
Bush is bringing people from London, Madrid, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to emphasize the global nature of his war on terror. This is a pure Rovian tactic, as while most of these places have suffered terror attacks, not one of these terrorist attacks was carried out by people from Iraq! This is where Bush thinks we a re idiots. He's already stated there were no WMD, flip flopped on his blaming Iraq for 9/11, and since we're fighting an insurgency in Iraq, the war there has no bearing on stopping worldwide terrorism.
Stopping for a moment to ignore the cost of flying these diverse people from around the globe, as well as accommodations while they visit, if Bush had put as much effort into rebuilding New Orleans as he has into selling us this quagmire, the city would be fixed and almost back to normal. I seriously have my doubts whether these people will actually come from said countries, or come from central casting. Why is Bush spending so much effort to try spin a war that's spinning out of control?
The neocons agenda, reshaping a new middle east, has put Iran in their sights next. Even though the IAEA found no tangible evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapon program, and Russia has rejected sanctions against Teheran, we still will be going to war with Iran, which is why the rhetoric has switched from alQaeda to "Islamic Fascists", because there is no alQaeda in Iran. But he can't continue on with the neofascist agenda if he's losing support from the American people.


elizabethbranford said...

Oh come on Lew, dont you know that stacking audiences is what they do? If they cant build consensus and support, pretend.

Peacechick Mary said...

They love to wag the dog. That poor dog is about dead from all the wagging. The question any intelligent person has to be asking is: How is Bush going to do the Iran thing without a draft? There is no way he can sell this thing enough to get people to accept the draft.

pekka said...

There is no hope that these fascist are going to waver voluntarily from their master plan of a total world domination. Their existence seems to be standing on two legs; the myth of their righteousness and the might of their power. These legs can't be tampered, neither can they be dismissed because without them the men like Bush, Cheney and the other usual suspects wouldn't exist. No other kind of a philosophy is allowed and will be dismissed as defeatism if not treason. When you add to this suitably spooked citizens, for manipulative purposes, their mix is almost complete.

The only reason that their scheme is not 100% is the fact that, you happen to be a democratic nation and you still have the peoples' representatives to stop these reckless neo-cons on their tracks. Whether this will be done by those men/women that you voted in remains to be seen.

karen said...

I am not so sure he is going to market this thing to the American people like he did before, as long as he thinks he has his legal ass covered. I am not sure he will bother with a White House Iraq Group, the gaggle of folks cobbled together to "package the product."

Pekka, they know exactly which Diebold machines have to be rigged to retain the power they need. Democracy, hah! Voters, yes, but rigged voting does not a democracy make.

Lew, flying all those folks in is like when Bush had that woman standing next to Laura in a SOTUS, and she was supposed to have been a woman who voted in Iraq or some such and it turned out she was a fake.

pekka said...

Karen - democracy might not be doable in Iraq but it can be made once again functional in the U.S. However, it might need more heightened citizens during the Vietnam fiaco. I don't see too many signs of that in your streets and squares. Instead of you being afraid of these raging neo-con baboons, isn't the high time to make them shake in their loafers in a painful antissipation of your wrath?

Sue Woo said...

Yall! My dog wants to wag them! She could do it, too.