Sunday, August 15, 2010

Republicans Reflect Anti-American Ideals

    When the crazy Israeli serial stabber was nabbed last week trying to flee to his homeland, something happened. Nothing. There were no protests outside Synagogues, there were no people lumping together all people of the Jewish faith/race (I'm not really sure which is correct) as hateful racist murderers. Which is good, because I'm not sure if Elias Abuelazam was a practicing Jew, or just an Israeli national, and anyway, it's totally wrong to condemn an entire group for the wrongdoings of one of it's members, isn't it?
   Well, not really, if you're a fear mongering Republican. which is a redundancy, I know, but now the GOP plans to make the plan for a Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero a campaign issue . Those dirty Mooslems along with darker skinned Democratic politicians wish to impose Sharia Law in the US. Unless the Republicans stop them, they'll use their cultural center to impregnate wimmen and force them to squeeze out an army of terror babies! As Republicans and Tea Baggers protest Mosques across the country, it's ironic to note that the group responsible for referring to President Obama as a fascist is adhering pretty closely to many of the 14 characteristics of fascism. So, like the US did to Japanese-Americans during WWII, and like Hitler did to the Jewish people of Europe, the GOP is scapegoating the Muslims of America.
Now, just so you know, I believe all religions are as nutty as the next, from Judaism, to Christianity, to Islam and Scientology. They all wish to impose their will upon us, and the differences between their wills are minuscule at best. By singling out one belief system for persecution, aren't you in fact establishing another as the true faith, which in turn, is unconstitutional? And if you are opposed to the constitution of the United States, don't you stand against this very country itself?
But it's not like they have any real issues to run on. Tax cuts, deregulation and deficit spending on wars helped destroy our economy. They all supported the wars, so they can't run against those. Fear mongering is all the Republicans have, and if they keep the television watchers frightened enough, they'll be too scared to rationalize the truth.And that is the GOP is opposed to America, or at least the part that isn't white Christian conservative and straight.


Tom Harper said...

If somebody built a Christian church near the Oklahoma City bombing site, I wonder how much hysteria there would be. (McVeigh was a Christian.)

And now the wingtards have themselves a new soundbite. "Mosque at Ground Zero!" will be the "Gay Marriage!" of the 2010 election.

Lew Scannon said...

Anything to distract the masses from the real problems Republicanism has caused.

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Guess Homeland Security and the other 16 US intelligence agencies operating on US soil w.out restraint just misread “The Israeli Mind.” :)

Btw(OT), Lew someone sent me a message stating that Oprah was wearing an inverted cross on her show today.