Friday, August 27, 2010

Delusional Paranoia Or Creeping Fascism?

Face it. While the right wing has been demonizing Islam and branding it as a cruel religion, the truth is all religion is cruel, barbaric, and just plain wrong when it's extreme (as in extremely conservative).
Here in the US, extremism takes another shape. I speak, of course, of the political religious zealotry of Sharron Angle. Known in progressive circles for spewing the fear mongering rhetoric of the right, Angle now claims there are domestic enemies in Congress, a claim she twice refused to disavow. Sure there are, Ms. Angle, they're called lobbyists. People to whom money is speech and corporations are people, their agenda is to tilt our system away from the will of the people and towards the will of the Multi-Nationals.
These are not the enemies of which Ms. Angle spoke, obviously. Unaware of the 14 characteristics of fascism, she is proving ample distraction for those whose loyalties lie not with a country, but with it's capital, taking as much as they can for themselves while left and right rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.The second Great Depression is upon us and even a college degree doesn't guarantee a good job.
So you could take Ms. Angle's paranoid delusions at face value, and believe she must have stopped taking her meds, or just conclude that she's just another rodeo clown, distracting bullish Americans from the corporate cowboys who are riding us until we are broken.

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Tom Harper said...

And she might be the next senator from Nevada. As inept as Harry Reid is, he can't lose to that whacked out nutjob.