Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do The Republicans Have Any ideas?

With the Gulf of Mexico an ecological nightmare, the economic recovery not going as planned, and the US mired in not one but two endless wars, you'd think there'd be plenty of ammunition for an opposition party to run against the Democratic Party, wouldn't you?
These are real problems, problems that affect every American in one form or another, and yet to listen to the GOP, you'd almost think these problems are either non-existent, or not really problems at all. And what are our problems?
Muslims. Muslims exercising their freedom of religion.
As an example the number of television watchers who think President Obama is a Muslim has doubled. The most confused group is of course, Republicans. And it doesn't help matters when you have some Dick claiming that the "Ground Zero" Mosque will be used to train terrorists on Fox News, that beacon of rationality. Didn't the GOP from the last election cycle that a noun, a verb and 9/11 didn't work for Rudy Ghouliani, do they think it will work again?
All this manufactured hysteria is part of the corporate idiocracy's plan to distract television watchers from the simple fact that people are still losing jobs, and the Republicans and Democrats aren't doing anything to stop it.


Tom Harper said...

"Do the Republicans have any ideas?"

LOL. You're joking, right? Who needs ideas when you have a few screaming demagogues and millions of bone-stupid TV watchers who believe everything they're told.

Dave Dubya said...

Republicans have lots of ideas, how to steal election, obstruct government and democracy, indoctrinate the masses with propaganda come to mind.

Lew Scannon said...

The sole GOP idea was the Bush tax cut, which rewarded companies for outsourcing American jobs. And now, they want to continue them...
In other words, Republican ideas are borderline criminal. I think you may have something there.

libhom said...

Republicans support all the things that are causing are nation's problems.

S.W. Anderson said...

Manufactured controversy is right. It's about the GOP and tea partyers having a wedge issue, about distracting, dividing and fearmongering. Don't be surprised if the 2010 equivalent of Swiftboat Liars® come forward claiming they knew the Imam of that Manhattan Muslim group when he was dealing pipe bombs out the back door, for planting under city buses, or some other scurrilous lies.

libhom said...

You are absolutely correct about the politics of distraction.