Friday, March 12, 2010

Just When You Think He Couldn't Get Any Stupider, Glenn Beck Proves You Wrong

Welcome to the New McCarthyism. Paranoid personality disorder Glenn Beck sees anti-Americanism everywhere. He rants and rants against voices that are disparate and different from his own, people who haven't had it as easy as himself.
And sometimes, he has to go back, way back, almost twenty five years, before he can find something for himself to get himself into a tizzy over.
Case in point: Bruce Springsteen's song, 'Born In The USA', is anti American. No fucking shit. Well, it's not as anti-American as much as it is critical of a system that creates endless wars, inescapable debt, corporate prisons and no hope for working people. And it's the same song that twenty five years ago the sainted Ronald Reagan wanted to use as his campaign theme song. And now he just listened to the lyrics? Good thing he's not in charge of Homeland Security.
It's all part of the ongoing class war where the haves criticize the have-nots for not being happy with the crumbs they are being offered. Everything Beck rails against, health care reform, social and economic justice, are all the concerns of the people who work hard and are compensated poorly for their sweat. All so a useless corporate shill like Beck can interpret twenty-five year old rock music written by musicians opposed to the repressive agenda of the corporatocracy.


Tom Harper said...

I always liked the irony of that song. So many simple-minded phony "patriots" heard the title and yelled "Yeah! USA!!!" without even bothering to listen to the lyrics. Or maybe the lyrics had too many big words for a wingtard to keep up with.

libhom said...

Don't you understand? Springsteen, the Queen of Jordan, and the Flintstones are working together to make America socialist/liberal/atheist/Muslim.