Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still No Change

The Obama administration, brought to power by claims of change, has proven that things have changed, only for the worse. Case in point: Cindy Sheehan, arrested in Saturday's antiwar march marking the seven year anniversary of the illegal US invasion of Iraq may be tried for her campaign. Huh? What? Even the Cheney/Bush administration was smart enough to know that trying a mother grieving over the loss of her son in a pointless unending war would make her a martyr, President Obama was supposed to be smarter than that.
Let's see, teabaggers can protest all they want, hurl invectives and slurs at members of Congress, and they go unpunished. But make a point about the senseless cost of war, and well, it's off to the hoosegow with you.
Of course this was the same Obama campaign that promised talks with Iran without any preconditions Now we have increased calls by members of the administration as well as members of congress for tougher sanctions against Iran. You know, sanctions like we had had with Iraq. And like Iraq, the propaganda has started against Iran. Now we have the US army claiming that Taliban fighters are training in Iran. Never mind that Shi'ite Iran and Sunni Taliban can't even agree on how to run a theocracy, the important point is that the military now has an excuse for it's poor performance in the never ending war in Afghanistan and the corporate media has a new scare to wave at the television watchers.


Tom Harper said...

That sucks, Cindy Sheehan getting arrested. Thanks for the link; I didn't even know about it.

Rightwing bloggers hated her more than anybody; they'll probably be jumping for joy over this.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

I'm not personally a Cindy Sheehan fan, but this is outrageous. Of all the things the O-man has disppointed me with, his cavalier attitude toward the Constitution and his interpretation of crappy behavior is the worst.

libhom said...

All the stuff about "change" was a sick joke.