Saturday, March 06, 2010

The New American Terrorist or Keep Your Bible Out Of My Ass Unless You Want To Get Shit On It

In the days following 9/11, the country was together like never before in history. United We Stand stickers decorated vehicles from the lowliest rusting Honda to the mightiest gas sucking Hummer. We were as one.
We were united against a common enemy, terrorists who would use violence and intimidation against civilians in order to impose their limited religious views on them. These people hated us, we were told, because we were free.
Welcome to Amarillo.
In Amarillo, there's a new brand of terrorists, cowards who bully people who have chosen to enjoy the freedoms granted to them by the (once) greatest country that has ever existed. Under the guise of Christian Patriotism they harass and intimidate those with whom they do not agree. Gays. "Swingers". Environmentalists. Liberals. People who celebrate Halloween. Pornography shops.
Yes, the people of Amarillo are being terrorized by Repent Amarillo, a self proclaimed "Army of God" who enjoy dressing up like soldiers and using intimidation tactics against their fellow Americans, instead of becoming real soldiers and fighting America's real enemies, the Muslim heathens who attacked us on 9/11. Or, if they didn't attack us, practice a form of the religion of those that did. They have become even more evil than Liz Cheney, if that's possible.
And so now a country once united has become divided into hate groups: people who use their bible as reinforcement for their phobic beliefs of groups they do not understand, people who love to drop bombs on people with belief systems different than theirs but don't want to pay the taxes to fund the bombings, and the the Republican Party. They have destroyed this country much better than alQaeda could have ever dreamed of doing.

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Tom Harper said...

With Texas being so full of vigilantes and rebels, I'm surprised some Amarillo residents haven't gone after this "Repent" group and started fighting fire with fire. It couldn't happen to nicer people.