Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Are These Clowns And Why Do We Deign It To Pay Them $165,000 A Year

Whether you think the US is a democracy or a republic, the truth is it's neither, we no longer have any form of representative government at all.
Exhibit A, the "health care reform". While most Americans support fixing our health care system, offering a medicare buy in and a public option, what we are getting is the individual mandate, a law designed to line the pockets of the health insurance industry. Capitalism sucks bad enough, but when you force uninsured citizens to buy a product from a private concern rather than a government entity, you have taken another step towards the corpocracy.
Exhibit B, war with Iran. Most Americans don't want us to undertake another military confrontation, we haven't made any progress with the two we're already mired in. War with Iran will costs us more money, more lives, and more at the gas pump. Last time gas prices topped $4.00 a gallon, the economy went into a tailspin, another period of high gas prices and you might as well start stocking up on pencils to sell on Wall Street. Aha, you say, but we're not at war with Iran yet. Yet, of course, being the operative word in that statement. Because, you see, next week is the Aip[ac conference and this year, the lobby has built its annual conference, and its entire lobbying agenda around the issue of Iran. I know, I know, Iran actually hasn't done anything wrong, per se, but that didn't stop the US from invading Iraq, so what makes you think Iran will be any different. Well, you say, the Democratic party was given control of congress and the White House by progressives Americans opposed to the ongoing wars. And since that time, the party has done absolutely nothing to end either quagmire. In fact President Obama has even crossed the border of Afghanistan into Pakistan (well not, President Obama himself, of course), so you could even say he has increased the Pax Americana of the Bush administration. And with that in mind, there's no reason he wouldn't continue that Bush administration policy of the US military as the world's police force by bombing Iran for doing something that is well with in it's rights as both a sovereign nation as well as a signee to the NNPT.
So there you have it, two pieces of evidence that our representatives don't represent us at all. Instead, we have a bunch of jokers who sole purpose in life seems to be to grow fat off the public tit (ever see a skinny senior congressperson?) while doing the work of everybody save their constituency. It's become the new American dream.


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Anonymous said...

America needs full-blown fascist military rule right now! That`s the only way to get this creeping cancer out of the body politic once and for all.

Tom Harper said...

Iran would be a much tougher enemy than Iraq was. Their military and their economy are both much stronger than Iraq's was 7 years ago.

It's time for Israel to do its own dirty work and leave the U.S. out of it.

Kvatch said...

The health-care reform bill is a disaster, and I find myself hoping that the 10 states suing the Feds over it might win so that we can move on to universal coverage in a form that the states can't touch.

How sick is that?

libhom said...

Kvatch: The wealthcare bill is reprehensible, but it is constitutional. Even if it weren't constitutional, the Supreme Court is notorious for putting wealthy and corporate interests ahead of the rule of law.

If we want to get rid of the fines for people who can't afford astronomical premiums, we need to fight like hell in the political and activist arenas.