Tuesday, July 10, 2007


You know you're skimming the bottom of the blogosphere when I get tagged by the recent meme that's floating around like a virus. But thanks to Lizzy, I can no longer claim to be lucky enough to never be hit by these durn things.
1. Although it's been years since I've entered a Wal-Mart, and never intend on entering one again, I can not pass up a yard sale.
2. I still own the first guitar I ever bought, a Fender Lead II, perhaps the finest guitar on the planet.
3.I used to blog under the name Carrie Oakey, that's right, it was a joke, and what made it even funnier to me was the many people whom "she" angered.
4. I am a professional chef, and can prepare many soups sauces and salad dressing from scratch, but my favorite thing to cook is crystal meth.
5.When I was in college, I shared an apartment with Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer for TOOL and A Perfect Circle and he was the one who introduced my to my ex-wife.
6.I once won an award (second place)in a recycled art show for "Most Artistic Merit"
7. I never use my spell check, instead choosing to actually look words up in a dictionary if it doesn't look right to me.
8. I can sing along with any Beatles song from any point and never miss a word.
Since that unpleasantness is done, now I have to do this:

All RIght, here are the RUles:

1. We HAVe to post these RUles beFORE we give you the facts.

2. PlAYers start with eight RANdom facts/HAbits about thEMSElves.

3. PEople who are tagGED need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these RUles.

4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagGED and list their names.

Don’t forget to leave them a COmment telling them they’re tagGED, and to read your blog.
And now you're it:
Ron Nasty, my blog buddy over at The American Insurgency
Lily, my partner at Lose The Noose
Rex Kramer
Betty Cracker
Robot Buddah of The Johnny Sutra
Fatcat Politics

And Lizzy, ye shall be linked!


Lizzy said...

Thanks for the link! Yay!

I can proudly say that I've never set foot in a Wal-Mart.

That's a very impressive list. #4 is my favorite.

Peacechick Mary said...

So, you make crystal meth soup? What kind of garnish goes with that?

Granny said...

Lew, were you really Carrie?

Her "brother" left me a comment on Granny once complete with that avatar and then wondered why I didn't introduce him as was my custom with new visitors.

I told him in email it was because I was saving that blog for the kids, that they had access to it, and the avatar and the link back to Carrie was a little over the top (or something like that).

"He" came back immediately apologetic (no need) and said I was right about it being a hoax and that all would become clear eventually.

If you were Carrie, it's now become clear.


Is America Burning and Roc Rebel Granny

Lew Scannon said...

no problem!
chpopped cilantro with pseudoephedrine works wonders!
I have no idea who "Carrie's Brother" was, (will the culprit ever show their face?)and was in no way associated with "carrie". I felt that whomever was doing it was trying to steal "Carrie's" thunder (she had 1500 profile views in three weeks, that's more than I had at the time)and was annoyed and amused by their antics. carrie was a composite of all the conservative women in this area whom I had dealt with and really just a parody.

Nvisiblewmn said...

Ha, I once blogged about you when you were Carrie Oakey; I think I took a poll to see who found you funny or something. I probably just wanted peops to go there and be creeped out, even though it was funny. Funny AND creepy, just as you apparently intended.

Granny said...

Carrie had quite a following and even something of a fan club.

I had one online friend who said she kept going back in spite of herself.

And yes, JuBlu, I remember your post and our discussions.

Congratulations on a hoax very well done.

Frederick said...

Really?! Now I just have to figure out who Mary Jo was...

pissed off patricia said...

LOL, I remember Carrie. God, people used to get so bent out of shape by the things she/you said. I'm sitting here just smiling like crazy because I always felt she was a joke and whoever was behind her was laughing their ass off. Did ya? :)

Were you her cousin, or was it brother, too?

sumo said...

I avoided Carrie like the plague...clever though.

Carrie Oakey said...

Oh, buster, you are such a fibber! You are not me! Don't believe him!

PTCruiser said...

3.I used to blog under the name Carrie Oakey, that's right, it was a joke, and what made it even funnier to me was the many people whom "she" angered.

I figured she was a ruse but I never suspected you were the mastermind behind it. Well done, Lew.

Lily said...

Oh thank goodness you fessed up, Lew. people used to ask me who she was, if it was me, if I knew.

She was WACKED.

Well played, my friend.

Sorry I didn't get over here earlier, some things going on. As usual.

Is Rex Kramer back on?

Praguetwin said...

Tired comment and the first on your blog, but I do remember Carrie too and I knew she was a joke from word one.

My favorite was some guy that seemed like he was hitting on her.

Profile views are easy to get when you are half naked!

Well done.

Oh, and Tool is one of my favorites.

Snave said...

WHoa, those are great things you shared, Lew!

YOU are/were Carrie Oakey!? Ha! I LOVE IT!!! I was once someone else in the blogosphere (see Cancer of the Third Eye, still linked at my site. I have been thinking of doing such a thing again! HEh!)

I still can't convince my wife not to shop at Wal-Mart, so I may have to rent the movie about it and have her watch. Good for you, though! I also think yard sales are great... Do you often feel like you're winning a lottery or something when you find a good buy?

I'm with you on The Beatles. I have a book that has all their songs with fairly complete scores... great stuff. It's fun to listen to the songs and read along with the music. As for guitars, I think one of these days I may have to graduate from my low-midline Ibanez to a Fender (although I'm really more of a keyboard player!)

I need to listen to more Tool. I have Aenima and I like it, but I haven't heard any of their recent stuff.

Anonymous said...

A female impersonator and a drug producer. You Sir are a man of many talents.

Lew Scannon said...

Yeah, I just wanted to walk that line where people didn't know whether it was serious or not, and I think I succeeded
thank you! I still go back for a laugh now and then
Mary Jo....Kopeckne?
Oh yes, I laughed quite hard!
Now, Carrie visited you, although after awhile some places she just wasn't very welcome, and I hated intruding
Now let's not resort to name calling!
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping the secret! No, Rex isn't back up, I just tagged people who were least likely to respond as I didn't want to impose on people who were contin ously blogging, and most people I tagged (with the exception of Ron, of course) were on some sort of hiatus.
there were a couple guys making advances towards Carrie, but only one was serious... I think.
When I was married we would sell our better scores on eBay, half the fun was finding it, but I find that keeping it around now just means more stuff I have to dust.
It always pays to be well rounded....

Frederick said...

Did I say Mary? I meant Betty, as in Betty Jo Goering.