Monday, March 20, 2006

Thank You Bastards!

You! Yes, you! You flag waving beer swilling brain damaged chemically imbalanced paranoid idiot! You know I'm talking about you, you bastard. The idiot who voted for Bush, twice. Those who insist, still, that Saddam had WMD. The seriously deluded fuckhead who thinks we're there to bring freedom to the Iraqi people. The misguided moron who thinks this war is "going to make America strong." You know who I'm talking about, if your not against it, then you are for it, you bastard.
And what are you for? Beyond the civil war? Beyond the establishment of a Islamic state in the place of a secular one? Beyond the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians? Beyond the lies of a corrupt and devious administration? Let me tell you what you're for.
OPEC. That's right, supporting this war means you're siding with OPEC, the bastards who are screwing us at the gas pump RIGHT NOW!!! So if you support the war, that means you're perfectly happy with the continuation of rising gas prices, because when it comes down to it, this war has always ben and will always be about the oil. Not some self-deluded notion of "keeping America free", because the war will ensure that we will always be paying high prices for our oil.
Greg Palast has uncovered a 323 page plan for Iraq's oil secretly (does the Bush team do any thing in the open? Of course not, then we'd know what they were up to)drawn up by the State Department directing Iraqis to maintain a state oil company that will"enhance it's relationship with OPEC." What this means is that oil in Iraq will not be pumped freely from the ground and shipped to refineries then on to the American people at rate and quantities enough to allieve our current gas pains. What it means is that the oil will be pumped at OPEC rates, which are designed to keep oil prices high.
So where's the freedom maintenance? How does the American taxpayer benefit from all this? They don't! You idiot, if you think Bush is about keeping Americans secure then perhaps you never saw the video of Bush receiving a warning of catstrophe in New Orleans, pre-Katrina.
Bush and the Rethuglicans just handed out a permanent tax cut that affects the top end of the pay scale more than it does the rest of us. Like the guys (and gals) at Halliburton and Big Oil. You don't think their children are over in Iraq fighting, do you? So what has he given the families whose members are over there sacrificing life and limb? A big fat gas hose up the ol' cornhole, that's what.
Oil company profits were at $34 billion in 2002. Last year, they posted a whopping $113 billion dollar profit. Which is good news if you own oil stock, bad news if you have to drive anywhere. And who can we thank for it? You, you fucking idiot. You delusional dorks who think the war in Iraq is a good idea. You imbecilic idiots who think we're there to bring democracy to a bunch of people who seem hell bent on rejecting it in favor of a theocracy. And just think, if that's at all possible for you, how much more they will profit when the oil supplies are interupted after Operation Iranian Liberation.
Some of you will just shrug your shoulders and say"Well, that's capitalism," and I say capitalism is nothing more than a euphemism for criminal activity. Just don't bitch to me about how high gas prices are, I never supported the war and I never voted for Bush. So thank you, you Bush lovin' bastards.


Granny said...

Agreed so far as it goes. I'm even angrier at the people who complain and when I ask them how they voted, tell me they didn't because it wouldn't make any difference.

My state went for Kerry (we're still fairly "blue" but it wasn't a runaway by any means and some states might have been won if the stay-at-homes had gotten off their butts and voted.

Ann (aka granny)

Lew Scannon said...

Ironically enough, I was just over at Is America Burning?
My state went blue in 2000 and 2004, unfortunately, I live in a predominately Republican part of it, so it still sucks.

GraemeAnfinson said...

Bush supporters make me want to vomit. My state is dog dick red and has been for years. I do live about 2 miles away from Minnesota though, which usually votes blue

pissed off patricia said...

If you listen to c-span in the mornings you'll hear people calling in still saying that bush is doing a great job and almost every time they will go on to mention that he's a good christian man. You have to wonder, are they calling from the mental ward?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Yes, Patricia. The NSA did trace most of those calls to the 'delusional dork' ward.

Gratis said...

The page you linked to is gone, Lew. Guess Bush still wants to keep that secret.

Kathleen Callon said...

Needed a laugh today. Thanks for this "bitching" post. I feel better already. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Oil company profits were at $34 billion in 2002. Last year, they posted a whopping $113 billion dollar profit. Which is good news if you own oil stock, bad news if you have to drive anywhere.

Ha...ha! I'm sticking it to the Oil Barons. I don't drive...ANYWHERE! (OK not really true, I do have a sweet motorcycle, but it gets a whopping 45 MPG). So there. Take that scumbags.

(And I'm sure they care greatly.)

Leslie said... just reminded me of an encounter I had with a Bushie prior to the 2004 election. I live in NYC, which is very very anti-Bush. [Just take a look at what's left of WTC if you want to feel blue anger.] Anyway, there was this young woman at the coffee machine in my office one morning. Apropos of nothing, she said to me, "We've got to elect Bush." Something about making us safer, I forget her exact words. But here was my chance to tell a genuine Bush idiot off and I totally blew it! I didn't say anything!!!!????

!#@!*(&^! the *U(*!9* and #!@#$@!)~ too !!!!!

romunov said...

High gas prices? You've got to be kidding. Been to Europe lately? :)