Thursday, March 02, 2006

Et Tu, Brutus?

In the past weeks, like rats deserting a sinking ship, Bush supporters have been jumping ship as his approval ratings sink lower and lower. In fact, it would seem that only the loyalsits have stuck with this team, much the same way Detroit Lions loyalists stick with them through the whole season (instead of jumping ship halfway through the season like a sane person would do). Bush is doing irreparable harm to his party, well that and Dick Cheney, and Scooter libby, and Jack Abramoff, that ruin his chances of maintaining a majority in Congress, unless of course, those electronic voting machines are rigged.
One of the first ones off the boat was neocon architect Francis Fukuyama. Then Bill O' Reilly suggested we get out of Iraq following the bombing at the Golden Dome mosque. In the past couple days have seen the defection of George Will and Grandpappy of the conservatives William F. Buckley.But today comes word of the biggest defection of all, as far as most Americans are concerned.

"I'm not a Republican," actor Bruce Willis intoned during a press junket for his new movie, 16 Blocks. "I want a smaller government. I want less government intrusion." Is this perhaps in response to the wiretapping scandal that has the government intruding and spying on people?"I hate the goverment. I'm a-political, okay?" Hates the goverment?Two years ago, that meant hating America.
One wonders if all this apolitical posturing is because he has a new movie coming out this weekend and he doesn't want people who don't agree with his views avoiding the movie. While I personally didn't care for his pro-Republican views, it didn't stop me from seeing him in a good movie. Or The Sixth Sense. I find that Willis, as an actor, may not be great, he's certainly not as awful as other Republican actors.
"I want them to be fiscally responsible, " said the man who offered a million dollars for the head of Osama Bin Laden ( hey Bruce, he's here can I get my million dollars?),"and I want these [expletive] lobbyists out of Washington." So do we, Bruce, so do we.


Mujer del Rio said...

Is Bush a conservative or a globalist? Bushs' credibility is gone.
Far as Bruce Willis is concerned, is anyone really interested in his politics?

Ron Nasty said...

I find it amusing that when a liberal Hollywood type speaks out, he's criticized for it, but when a republican does, no one says a word. Why don't you go make another Die Hard movie you untalented hack.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Poor Bruce. Poor Bruce. What I don't understand is this: why does he have to offer a million bucks for the head of Osama? Can't he just go get Osama himself and save himself the cash? How come he's not out there huntin' him down?

Lew Scannon said...

Well, you know, there aren't too many hot looking babes in Afghanistan.


Not suprisingly I disgree with you a bit here because I think that the CURRENT republicans have blurred the lines of what their aprty stands for. The dilemma that many people face is that they believe in traditional republican values but know that BUSHCO does not embody them. They know that they violate many tenets of conservative thinking, and they are in a quandry.

I think we on the left are in a quandry as well because we are typically the community of big government and yet as I have repeatedly stated this 'big government' is unresponsive to what we need and what we want as citizens.

This administration defies both sides, and is really working only for business.

And no, I don't care for Bruce Willis or his politics but I don't think the point should be outright dismissed as a movie plug conspiracy. People evidently see his movies no matter what. Why link things that probably do not go together? That amounts to suspicion- misdirected.

Liberals have to address the dilemma of where they expect solutions to come from. Business? no. Corrupt government? no. Bickering contrarians with the cohesiveness of a hornet swarm? no. Where? See at this point, we KNOW the problems. Saying the government is corrupt is stating the obvious. Where do we put the energy to address that? I 'm sick of the same discussions and conspiracies and then we all go to bed and thats that.

Lew Scannon said...

The airing of grievances is how we find our common ground. Bruce Willis hates the corruption, I hate the corruption, and I'm fairly sure you hate the corruption. That's a start. Realizing that neither the democrats or republicans are too concerned with eliminating their corruption (only the other guy's)is the next step. After that it's finding citizens to occupy our government who represent our morals and beliefs, as opposed to party members who become candidates merely because of their ties to the party. And yes, the left is in a quandary as well, as their leaders don't seem to be responsive to their morals and beliefs. The solutions to our problems have to come from we the people, as both sides have been proven that they only pay lip service to them.
No, I do not think that Willis was distancing himself from a party because he has a movie coming out (that was merely a joke), he was merely venting his frustration because like everyone who cares, our government is corrupt near the point of no return.

Kathy said...

Oh, oh. Your post probably triggered a government computer somewhere when you mentioned you knew where Osama was. There will be a black car pulling up in front of your house momentarily with some G-men to confiscate your computer.

Les Visible said...

Good article. Thanks for dropping by my site. I have to say, when I heard that Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman and some others like real life hardass James Woods (in his mind) were supporting Bush I lost interest in anything they might do on the screen. Either they are scum or they are stupid, possibly both. To support g.w.b is to wear a sign saying, "murder and greed; what else do I need?"

I have one wish and that is when these people do go down, all of them, that they go down hard; that they go down like Lucifer in Cardinal Wolsey's speech, "never to rise again."

The big whores would'nt be able the sell their fat ugly asses if all the little whores weren't imitating them. Somehow the ugliest collection of heartless and soulless shitheels came out of the closet all at the same time to present us with more proof that there is no limit to how selfish and stupid some people can be.

Something has got to give. Just once I would like to see justice sort them all out at the same time. Just once I would like to see the real swine, stripped naked and rolled in pigshit, or their own- no difference- and marched to whips and drumbeats across the Potomac and The Thames and any other river that leads out of the corridors of power and there to have "I am a fucking asshole who screwed the human race" tattooed on their foreheads and branded on their ass.

Kathleen Callon said...


What should we do?

Kathleen Callon said...

Just did a little post for you. Hope you have a great weekend.

Missouri Mule said...

Great title for this post, lew.

I dig what lily had to say. It does sometimes appear that liberals spend way too much time striking noble poses. We're all probably somewhat quilty. But still, we need to think more strategically, get diciplined, and organized.
In the battle we face with these fucktards, there's no substitute for victory. This isn't a football game or a Die Hard movie.

So, yeah, Brutus, please kill yourself, or at the very least, please shut the fuck up and let the rest of us get to work.

There's much to be done. Like getting the 60 million or so slackers that don't vote to do so, and then making sure those votes count. Cuz, if we don't, we're all gonna Die Hard!


Hey, I am going to post on actions Lew. Maybe you and Kat have some feedback?


Cows With Guns Lew this is one of my favorites, had to make sure you saw it! Turn on your speakers. The kids will love it. Albino Black Sheep.

Sorry- off topic.

Middleoftheroader said...

Republicans suck... Hey man, how about that song that won the oscar?? "It's hard out here for a pimp".. I love that song