Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Can Keep Your Conservative Corporate Media

For many years now, the American people have been fed a myth. The myth of the liberal media. This myth was perpetuated by those on the right whenever they were portrayed in an accurate but unfavorable light.
But for the years between 1997-2005 conservative guests dominated on Sunday Morning news shows, effectively setting up the talking points for the week that were then passed along to conservative talk radio hosts nationwide in an attempt to hammer home the message to the American people.
Many on the left suggest a boycott of sponsors, since all they really worship is money..

or reviving the Fairness Doctrine which brought balance and diversity to the nation's airwaves. However, if you examine the results from the past two election cycles, being in charge of the echo chamber hasn't really helped them out at all. Disseminating right wing talking points has only shown how ridiculous those talking points are when contrasted against the news of the failures of the Republican controlled congress and the Bush administration.
So I say, let them keep their corporate media. The success they've had with has proved that in four years, there won't be much of a Republican Party left, right?


Agi said...

didn't someone paint the golden bull's balls blue?

Tom Harper said...

The thing I hate most about the mainstream media is their lack of coverage of real issues. I wouldn't even care if their slant was left or right, if they'd just report it.

When you surf an "alternative" site like AlterNet or Raw Story, and see all these shocking stories, and then cruise MSNBC and all they've got is public speeches and photo ops and celebutante gossip -- the contrast is overwhelming.

Frederick said...

I'm waiting for the print industry to start with the claims they need a bail out.

libhom said...

I strongly support the Fairness Doctrine. We the people own the airwaves, and we have a right to demand that a variety of perspectives get equal voices there.