Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Small Step Backwards

The Republican party, after receiving a major set back in this past Tuesday's elections, have decided the way to go forward is to take a step backwards.
Citing the success of the passage of measures opposing gay marriage in three states, they have decided that the "sanctity" of marriage is the way forward.
"There were three state referendums on marriage ... all three carried. The vitality of the conservative movement around the country is very real,"

Three referendums passing does not equal the vitality of the conservative movement. For instance, here in Michigan not only did a measure supporting stem-cell research pass, but a referendum on medicinal marijuana did as well.
What is going on now is the conservative right movement, after spending so much time effort and money these past few months trying to convince voters that Barack Obama was a secret Muslim Socialist Terrorist, is now saying that because people elected him even though his far left agenda was exposed does not mean that the country has shifted to the left politically, and is still in fact, center right.
Now it would appear that the GOP is giving up on national security, economic progress (unless you think that clinging to the failed notion of free markets is going to suddenly prove successful), in order to appeal a fringe part of the base that still clings to a notion that somehow prohibiting gays from becoming married is "freedom". How quaint.


libhom said...

The Christian Right is gradually shrinking. Betting the party on Christian extremists is a losing strategy for the GOP.

Snave said...

Those who would cry and whine the most about keeping government out of our lives are the ones who cry most about wanting the government to step in and tell people how they can and can't live their lives. Did you say this at another blog, Lew? 8-) I plagiarize you here because I agree with you 100%!!!

They want to make it illegal for people to marry the people they love. Such hypocrisy disgusts me to the point that I probably need to up my blood pressure medication.