Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Economic Extortion:Bush Blackmails Barack

After losing much in this past election, the GOP has decided it needs a new identity. What it needs is a whole new platform.
Yesterday, when Barack Obama met with George Bush, he raised the posibility of a bailout for the auto industry. Bush said he might if the Democraps back a Columbian free trade agreement that Bush has been trying to pass and Democraps opposed. So what it comes down to is Bush is saying that either we give up these jobs here, or sign on to give up more jobs in the future. Either way, more Americans will be out on the street.
I hardly blame the worker or the CEOs for the auto makers problems. They were only making cars Americans wanted to buy, and four years ago, those were big gas guzzling SUVs. It wasn't until recently, when oil prices went up, did some Americans choose to give up their gas hogs, and by then it was too late.
But the problem isn't only that consumers aren't buying these cars, it's that the market has changed. America has switched from a manufacturing economy, which paid well, to a service economy, which doesn't. People in the service economy can't make house and car payments, as well as credit card payments, insurance payments, or any of he plethora of other payments, and still keep the gas tank filled (or shop at Circuit City) any more. The real criminal is out sourcing (which the auto industry has done to a certain extent) which has not only created a trade deficit, but a wealth deficit as well. And now President Bush wants to continue that policy, which has proven to be so detrimental to the US economy, and he wants to do it over the backs of the US auto worker.
So if the GOP really wants a new identity, perhaps it should give up the greed glorifying free market friendly one per center pandering image it has and instead do something that benefits the rest of the country. But don't count on it.


Tom Harper said...

Ah yes, a free trade agreement with Colombia. They're the last beacon of freedom on that whole continent -- a rightwing police state surrounded by a bunch of commie anti-American rabblerousers.

Agi said...

Just another case of whitey screwing over the black man.

Frederick said...

Maybe they should go back to calling themselves Whigs...

Snave said...

The GOP is run by a handful of very rich people who control right-wing media outlets and who do not care a bit about average Americans. And they use their media talkers and propaganda to get people to vote against their best interests. What a great trick! Is this a great country or what?

Over the last 20 years or so, I have become convinced that the Republican party will never propose or support economic policies that benefit average Americans.

Good post, Lew. Blame the workers? No way. I won't be blaming the unions either.

Blaming the workers for the auto industry's problems... would that be anything like blaming our troops for the Iraq mess?