Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Night Black & White

There are two kinds of music in the world: good and bad. It doesn't matter if a song was recorded yesterday, or seventy years ago, truly good music will stand the test of time. Once one abandons any preconceived notions of what makes a recorded performance good (i.e., style, artist, recording techniques)it becomes easier to discern what makes a good song. But just because talented musicians covera good song does not make a good recording. If that were true, all the American Idol winners would still be dominating the pop music charts.
It is in this spirit that we dig deep into the recesses of American music to find these gems that radio no longer plays, and with the exception of a few musicologists, most people would never listen to any more. Enjoy!
Cab Calloway-Reefer Man

Jimmie Rodgers-Blue Yodel No.1 (T For Texas)

Mills Brothers-Paper Doll

Lefty Frizzell-Saginaw, Michigan

You're right, PT this does get addictive


Anonymous said...

All excellent choices, Lew!

When I learned how to embed YouTube stuff, the first video I choose was 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. WTF does that say about me? ;-)

Lew Scannon said...

Let's see, you live in San Francisco, listen to Frankie Goes To Hollywood......(not that there's anything wrong with that:)

Granny said...

I must learn how to do YouTube. I hadn't thought about Lefty in years.