Saturday, May 05, 2007

Greatest American Zero

Like Ralph Hinkley (or is it Hanley?) discovering a new power with his wacky outer space suit, George W. Bush has discovered the power of the veto. Only his powers don't come from some ET's, it comes from the Constitution and the fact that there is somewhat of an opposition party in Congress. He first discovered this power last year, when he vetoed a bill on stem cell research. He used this mysterious power for the second time last weeek to veto a bill for Iraq war funding that set a timetable for withdrawal.
Now Bush has threatened to use this power on legislation that isn't even being considered. You see Bush, perhaps seeking approval from someone somwhere for something has threatened to veto any bill that attempts to weaken federal policies that restrict abortion. This was hailed by the hypocrites at the National Right To Life, who feel it's wrong to kill the unborn, but perfectly okay to send their fathers to their deaths in an illegal unwinnable unending war.(Not to mention the 655,000+ Iraqi civilians killed in the war, plus uncounted unborn Muslim babies) Bush needs to shore up support among his base because not only has he cost his party control of Congress, it's fairly certain that he has also blown their chance of holding onto the White House.


Peacechick Mary said...

I thought it was telling that all the GOP candidates supported all anti-abortion laws and they all did not believe in evolution. Did you see Bush's poll numbers dropped again! Wheeeee.

sumo said...

Whoah! He's got a tiny penis!

Snave said...

What a dork Bush is.

Threatening to veto things that haven't even been written up or sent through Congress yet... sigh... Anti-science... Anti-reason... Way too much testosterone and fundamentalist religion in the guy's brain, and that's a bad mix.