Monday, May 28, 2007

Something To Remember....

Today is Memorial Day, the one day of the year Americans are supposed to honor the people who sacrificed themselves so that we can watch 217 channels of shit, drive a gas sucking pig of a car, throw garbage in our streets and argue about pointless things like sports and/or movies. Everybody sticks up their flag, attaches another yellow ribbon magnet on their vehicle and never question whatever the almighty telebvision tells them about the world, because to do so would be admittance that their whole lives have been a waste up to this point. Most places have a parade where they trot out whichever war survivors they have left and everybody lines the street and waves flags and thanks them once again for all they did in the service of the corpocracy (except in Grand Rapids, where the Republican conservative are much too busy to take time out from their schedules to actually honor those people, this year, it's been moved to Wednesday evening, where it's more convenient and nobody has to actually get out of bed and sacrifice their pillowtime for the Vets).
In the meantime, for the rest of the year, we stash our war wounded in atrocious conditions such as were witnessed at Walter Reed, until an actual journalist (which, these days, are a dying breed) exposed the atrocities and the Republicans and Democrats both paid lip service to fixing conditions, until the next media distraction came along, and things went back to normal. Nowadays, our Vets have to rely on radio stations to fill the gap left by budget cuts for those who sacrificed themselves for the corpocracy, while the funding for a war that should have never been continues on because neither party wants it to appear as if they don't support our troops, at least while they are overseas fighting.
It was this piece, from a Vet that points out that much hasn't changed since the days of General Smedley Butler. Yes, we will always honor our soldiers, as long as they keep killing or dying for the corpocracy, anything in between is unacceptable.
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pissed off patricia said...

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about how many men and women have been killed in wars. You would think by now we would have come up with a better idea than killing one another when we disagree. Are we sure we are at the top of the pecking order when it comes to using our brains?