Friday, February 23, 2007

Tin Foil Hat Time

Why would "terror" suspect Jose Padilla indentify with his military captors? Is it because he was part of a series of sleeper cells of US soldiers recruited by groups with alleged ties to alQaeda? Is it a coincidence that Padilla and Timothy McVeigh were in Florida at the same time alQaeda was creating a finance network there?
Meanwhile, Oklahoma City accomplice Terry Nichols claims that McVeigh was directed by a high ranking FBI official in the plot to blow up a federal building, Larry Potts (who has denied the allegations). And if you wonder why the FBI is behind something like this, ask yourself why would the FBI allow the 1993 WTC bombing to go off?
Also, were the middle eastern men reported by Jayna Davis as being complicit in the OKC bombing Iraqis as she has suggested, or were they from another middle eastern nation linked to 9/11? More importantly, why does John Does #2 not look anything like Terry Nichols, but more like "dirty bombing" suspect Jose Padilla?


Frederick said...

I love me some tin foil hatness!!!11!

Undeniable Liberal said...

Now you just HAD to get me going, My tin-foil hatness was already on too tight.

navyswan said...

I personally don't think it is tinfoil hatness to question inconsistencies about important events. I think people should always question and think.