Friday, February 09, 2007

Do You Really Care?

Who didn't see this train wreck coming? I'm talking of course about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, another in a long line of big busted bleached blonde bimbos meeting an untimely demise. And now we wil be inundated with an endless parade of casual acquaintences and hangers-on, all willing to tell their version of the Anna Nicole Smith story to the media, for a price. And already a line of would-be fathers are lining up to claim paternity to Anna's daughter, who stands to inherit her estate.
And of course the media wil exploit this, too, what better than a tawdry tale of sex and drugs to distract the people from the fact that the people we elected to end the war in Iraq have done nothing to end it, or that the people who lied us into that war are now lying us into a war with Iran. It's a win-win situation for the corpocracy and it's media outlets.
More importantly, this gives a chance for all the poor slobs to cluck their collective tongues and say "This just goes to show you money can't buy happiness". Then they talk about the tragedy of the poor baby who will grow up with out a mother, rather than view it as a blessing, considering how her other child died, and how unfit Ms. Smith was as a parent, no matter how loving.
Since the autopsy report won't be released for anothe five weeks, that means we'll be treated to tabloid television speculation about the mysterious circumstances behind her death. It was the lead story on CNN all day, and the major story in most media outlets as well. All for a person whose greatest accomplishment was taking off her clothes. But do you really care?


Frederick said...

If I were wearing a tin hat, I'd be thinking that the media seizes on these things so as not to have to examine it's own culpability in such things as the Scooter Libby trial, and their part in the march to war. But of course everyone wearing a tin hat is always wrong.

Ron Nasty said...

I am Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy!

Snave said...


This story and the one about the diaper-wearing astronaut lady are going to be played up for what little they are worth in the overall scheme of things, for weeks and weeks. Or longer. The Anna Nicole Smith story will go on at least as long as Ronald Reagan's funeral... but wait, isn't his funeral still going on? Heh!

GraemeAnfinson said...

the diaper astronaut lady killed her

annie said...
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annie said...

i do not. care. in the least.
isn't it scary how many people do?