Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Obama Or Me

As 2006 winds down, and we head into 2007, when the campaign for the Presidency in 2008 begins to warm up, the US is offered two clear choices. On the one hand, there is the Republicans, led by John McCain, who wants to send more troops to Iraq, build more permanent bases there and attack Iran. On the other side we have the Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton who wants to send more troops to Iraq, build more permanent bases and attack Iran. That's what so nice abotu the two party corpocracy, real choices. We can bomb Iran as Republicans, or we can bomb Iran as Democrats. Just as long as we bomb Iran, who cares?
The only difference between McCain and Clinton is the cult of personality surrounding Hilary.(McCain lacks any personality for anyone to build a cult around)Many anti-war people will support Hillary because, well honestly, because she's a female, and will overlook and apologize for the tough talk rhetoric spewing from her as she appeases the DLC, who, even though seized control of congress due to an anti-war backlash, refuses to even mention drawing down troops.
In the meantime, the coporate media has already begun it's hit job on the only other serious contender for the Democrats, Barack Obama, hoping to find some skeleton in his closet that will haunt him as much as Clinton's vote for the authorization of force in Iraq.
"Obviously, if we knew then what we know now, there wouldn't have been a vote and I certainly wouldn't have voted that way," Mrs Clinton told NBC television.

Funny, but I knew that the Bush administration's claims against Iraq were all false, maybe I should be president! I mean if I was just voted person of the year by Time magazine, and was able to discern that Saddam had no WMD, while Ms. Clinton, with a large staff of well paid aides, wasn't, I guess she's no more qualified to be president than I. And certainly no more than Barack Obama (did you know his middle name is Hussein?)You see, we do have a clear choice in 2008, it's just not Sen. Clinton.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you Lew!

If you're interested in Obama, a friend of mine has a great new blog dedicated to him.

Anonymous said...

Sir Lew,
I look forward to your choice to run for the president but think that it may be a tough challenge of no's ahead.
The people of the4 bolgspgere will support you in your campaign, but it is likely that we will see the uncertain defeat.
It is at this time that Aaron, who is strong and may lift when told or when he wants to endorses the candidate lewis mr. Scannon.
Aaron looks forward to your work as a former leader.

sumo said...

Personally Lew...I think you are over qualified...but that is moot now. Your blog is out there and there are quite a few references that might get you in trouble with the voters and such. But...I support you in your endeavor...President Lew...has a nice ring to it.

GraemeAnfinson said...

barak- iraq
obama- osama
hussein- hussein

too funny. democrats basically suck

pissed off patricia said...

hey, you can count on my vote if you will promise some pot in every chicken. ;)

It's kind of funny in a not funny way but the dems don't want to impeach bush because it will suck up everything else. Yet we all know that whomever the dems choose for their candidate, the repubs will spend so much time going after them that it will suck up everything else.

Peacechick Mary said...

Some of the attacks against Obama are certainly racial slurs at this point. I'm hoping we bury those who are doing that. Well done and you've got my vote, for sure.

Tina said...

I pray nightly that Hillary will NOT be our choice in '08.... sweet Jesus.... I'm tired of voting while holding my nose and swallowing down that bit of vomit that keeps appearing in my mouth.

karena said...

This is going to be a tough one, but nothing can stop me. I am yapping about Clinton's war monger ways to everyone I see. I was getting my hair done yesterday and my lady was going on and on about how dumb this war is and then she went on and on about how smart Hillary is and I set the record straight. Right after the war Hillary was on TV saying "my husband knew we needed regime change in Iraq." Two Thanksgivings ago she was broadcasting from the Green Zone. "It's all fine here, we don't need to pull out our troops too soon." We have got to stop her. My hairdresser kept saying, "Well who are our choices?" WTF should we be worrying about that right now. We need to be forcing these Dems to prove what they have on the floors of Congress and the Senate.

I am calling Bush's new plan to send more troops and have us spend our money The Surge and Splurge.

Lola Heatherton said...

Oh, I am all for the splurge part. Lew, if you run for President, I promise to sing happy birthday to you every year.

Kvatch said...

But the attacks on Obama, so far, are so stupid one wonders if the GOP "swift-boating" machine has lost its touch. Schlussel's in particular was so stupid that she's got legions of rightist bloggers distancing themselves from her. Strange...

Anonymous said...

Dennis Kucinich!

Snave said...

Lew, you will have my vote.

I'm tired of all the "Is America ready for a black president or a female president" crap. Why can't we just look at their stances on issues? Scheise!

Lizzy said...

Hillary divides our party which is the last thing we need right now and personally, I can't stand her.

If you don't run, Lew, I will be supporting Obama all the way. I also like Gore, but I don't think he'll run.

graemeanfinson's comment cracked me up. Typical lowest common denominator response from the right.