Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fun With Site Meters!

You know, sometimes when your sense of moral outrage gets stretched to the point it either won't spring back or snaps altogether, what can you do? How many times can you write about Bush's lack of plan strategy or foresight vis-a-vis Iraq before you fell you're just beating a horse that's been dead for quite sometime? Sure, it's ridiculous for him to state that we should stay in Iraq for victory without ever defining what that victory entails, but most of the time, we're just preaching to the choir. And everytime some right wing turd comes out to say we can't win in Iraq, we hear the same thing from the White House. Stay the course finish the job yada yada yada.
Weekends are getting harder for me too, because the kids are in the other room watching Pokemon, which makes it hard to find something outrageous enough for me to rant about (note to self:try to link Pokemon with alQaeda) because I know I should be doing something with them rather than spending all weekend at my computer. That's when I turn to my site meter.
Now I'm not all about traffic, I got a site tracker to help locate a long gone troll, so i rarely look at it now. But what's interesting is how people from all over the world come here to read the tripe that I type. For instance, there's a steady reader in Slovenia, and I think, why would anybody in Slovenia be interested in what I write?
Another thing I find interesting is how people find this page. The number one way for a new reader to find this page is to Google "aspertame", which leads them to this piece I wrote in February about Donald Rumsfeld and aspartame. The number one referring URL is The Truth Will Set you Free, a good blog, it just makes me wonder why they anyone reading well researched stories there would pick this page out of the many they have listed to go to next. (Must be the name)
But there are a couple things I find disturbing. One is the fact that someone from an unknown country visits here frequently. Why would you want to hide your country of origin to read ablog, especially this one?
The second concerns the map above. The domain name and ISP are unknown, yet it always gives this location (Lat?Long: 38, -97). I have two theories about this.
The first is hold over from my paranoid days, and the theory is that this is the NSA, monitoring my every word. They're just waiting for me to slip up and say something so they can declare me an enemy combatant and haul my ass away. Sometimes there is n referring URL, sometimes, they find this page by Googling aspertame.
My second theory is not quite as sinister. Since the browser they are using is Firefox, I think it's just me checking for comments using my Firefox browser, while my site meter is registered to my SBC/Yahoo browser. Then I become hankful i stopped smoking pot so many years ago, because if I still did, I wouldn't be here, I'd be barricaded in my bedroom, with the dresser pushed in front of the door, sure they were coming to take me away. Which they may do anyway, but not because of this blog.


Lizzy said...

Great post!!! Your paranoia sounds earily similar to what goes on inside my own head.

I gotta get me one of those site meters.

PS. In my old pot smoking days, I would've been right there with you...but I'd take the closet.

Peacechick Mary said...

I think you just have a fan in Slovania. That isn't too wild to imagine at all. You write great posts. Maybe a very distant relative - Lewslo Cannonisnkiskis

pissed off patricia said...

And that's why I don't have a site meter, I don't wanna know. Might scare me too. I can get paranoid just thinking, I don't need proof :)

GraemeAnfinson said...

watch out for those no knock warrants. keep a loaded gun under your pillow. I am joking, but we are a path to such things happening

Frederick said...

LOL, we all get that hit...where's the ones directly from an intel element of the U.S. Gov that are real disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That looks familiar. Kind of odd that my obscure blog is read by somebody that comes to your blog. Very suspicious, but then again, those old pot smoking days aren't old to me......

MMark said...


Anonymous said...

Nah - that's lawrence kansas!! Where I am right now...;-).

Julie said...

Hey Lew

I get that too (commonsense comments) and so does Chet from Nebraska. We put it somewhere around Leavenworth. It truly is bizarre, but I have never caught whoever that is on at the same time I am.

The strange ones I get are when I email my senators. I get the U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-arms, Mr. David Pickles (yes I spied on him cause he spied on me).

The weird thing is I never mention my blog in my emails. Once Mr. Pickles arrived via a google search on "julie Segraves" Israel.....another spy in the administration perhaps?

I also get a little nervous when McClean and Reston, Va show up.....though I always liked that the top secret CIA headquarters in said town has its own highly publicized exit sign on the highway (CIA headquarters next exit). How's that for a secret, and they complain that Congress leaks.

Personally I'd choose the bathroom only after eating lots of beans. They may be reluctant to go there, no knock warrant notwithstanding. :)

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