Thursday, December 14, 2006

O Come All Ye Racists

Being a white guy, I'm not opposed to Affirmative Action. If you can't succeed on a truly level playing field then you are condemned to the ranks of the mediocre.
I think I also have a pretty good handle on satire, having learned to read from old copies of Mad Magazine. And, having gone on to reading The National Lampoon, I can understand and appreciate good politically incorrect humor.
So when I read that a group of white conservatives at Tufts University wrote a parody of the Christmas standard "O Come All Ye Faithful", i was interested. Having written many parodies of popular songs that my buddy, the Coach, still sings some fifteen years later, I wondered what they had published. Entitled "O Come All Ye Black Folk", their screed was aimed at affirmative action, a bunch of priviliged white boys disgusted that they should have to share their priviliged birthright to those they have deemed unworthy. The parody, which the editors of the conservative journal that published it claimed was anit-racist, contained lines calling blacks "boisterous" and contained lines such as "Born into the ghetto. O Jesus! We need you now to fill our racial quotas." and "No matter what your grades are, F's, D's or G's, give them all privileged status." Sophomoric stuff that should earning them a spot on the writing staff for Rush Limbaugh or at Fox News, but not really funny at all. So, in the spirit of turnabout being fair play, I give you my version, dedicated to the staff of the Primary Source, I give you the unbrainwashed parody of "O Come All Ye Faithful"
O Come All Ye Racists
O come all ye racists
Intolerant and ignoble
O come ye white Nazis to the Primary Source
Come show your hatred
For those of different colors
O come let us oppress them
O come let us oppress them
O come let us oppress them
It's our heritage

We hate black students
Soiling our great campus
So let's hide our racism behind comedy
Fraternities and sororities
Don't want no minorities
O come let us oppress them
O come let us oppress them
O come let us oppress them
It's what Jesus would do


GraemeAnfinson said...

Ha! good stuff Lew

Tina said...

I agree-- good stuff.
I'm am always amazed at how openly racist and anti- gay the wingnut bigots feel freely to be in the year 2006. They're mysteriously threatened by gay marriage/ gay rights, and by black and brown people. Sheeesh... insecure much? I guess that the bumper sticker that says this is dead-on balls correct: Republicans prefer knuckle-dragging while Democrats evolve.

Renegade Eye said...

Good post.

Kvatch said...

*ZAP*! *POW*! :-)

John Good said...

Bravo, Lew!

Betty Cracker said...

Well done, sir. May I offer in return a parody to be sung to the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem":

O Little Town of Washington

O little town of Washington
How troubled we see thee lie

To fetch thy cheap and brainless creeps
The gas-hogging limos drive by

But in thy White House lurkest the ever-lying turd

When he drives by I think that I
Will flip him a double bird

karena said...

Good God. That song, Oh Come All Ye Black Folks is so disgusting. Each day I wake up and cannot believe how backwards our country is going. It is awful. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is opening new coal mines all over the state. Coal mines. What the hell? This racism business is being propagated by the Rush Limbaughs and it is supposed to be funny? Welcome to the most horrible times in America, folks want to relive those days. Jeez.

pekka said...

Am I wrong assuming that the progress in the race relations in the U.S. have been sliding backward the past decade? Is there any merrit in my suggestion than it is partially due to the new generation of African Americans selling out for big bucks and portraying themselves as hores and pimps and thus generating over all wrong image among the whites. I really would like to hear from African Americans but I suppose they don't partissipate in the Honky blogs. And that brings me to think that there still exists de facto apartheid even if in milder form than some fifty years ago.

Renegade Eye said...

A local theater group, is presenting Xmas songs written by Jewish composers, sung in Yiddish.