Friday, November 10, 2006

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

While America was dancing for joy for eradicating the Republicans and their death grip on the Constitution, half a world away, a tragic massacre was taking place. In Gaza, in a town called Beit Hanoun, IDF were conducting an offensive against the people of Palestine. That offensive led to these offensive pictures, victims of indiscriminate shelling by Israel.
The French Ambassador to the UN demanded an independent investigation into the incident, a move that was expected to be vetoed by Israel's bitch in the UN, John Bolton.(What? You don't really think he represents us, do you?)
Not satisfied with the genocide being committed within their own borders, Israel's deputy defense minister suggested Israel may launch a strike against Iran. A preemptive strike that George Bush said he would understand, in other words, turn a blind eye to, as well as get John Bolton to veto any reprimands in the UNSC against Israel.
So if you think that with the change of thge balance of power, things are going to really change in DC, think again. In fact , this past summer, while Israel was dropping cluster bombs all over Lebanon, Nancy Pelosi was attacking Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki for not supporting Israel. No criticisms of Israel for it's part in the complete destruction Of Lebanon's infrastructure.
The US needs a balanced hand in dealing with these MidEast crisis. While we certainly should demand that the Arab nations recognoze Israel's right to exist, we also must demand that Israel allow Palestinians their right to exist with self-determination as well. When we condemn Hamas for shelling Israel from Gaza with Qassam rockets, we must also be willing to condemn Israel for offensive measures that take the lives of civilians.If both sides are wrong, we should supprt neither.

The Democrats have already stated they won't push for impeachment, or an end to the war in Iraq. Have we really changed anything?


Peacechick Mary said...

Two immediate changes we can expect are Bye-bye Bolton and the wiretapping bill is dead. If things don't change in a bigger way during January, then I will join the screaming. Impeachment has to be brought to the table then.

GraemeAnfinson said...

Yeah, the US vetoed the UN condemnation of Israels actions. no surprise there. The dems are just as bad as the repubs when it comes to Israel. I am embarassed. Seriously. I have a buddy that speaks arabic and he was reading off various headlines from Arab newspapers asking if the US would be any different with the dems in charge. Well, it didn't take long to find out.

Renegade Eye said...

Very powerful post.

I don't understand, when people who are politically sophisticated, act surprised when the Democrats, side with the interests of big business and imperialism.

Again very powerful post.

Tina said...

If nothing changes, I will continue to tell the Dems the types of things that I have been telling them all year long when they call us (for example):
1) "No, I will NOT be sending you a donation. Why? B/c my husband and I have to save up for an abortion fund just in case-- God forbid-- my daughter and I are forced to suffer a rape. After you assholes refused to stand up for women's rights by letting Alito get confirmed, we realized that the only people who care about us are us."


2) "No, I will NOT be sending you a donation. Why? B/c my husband and I have to save up every single penny we can to buy lubricant since you assholes voted with the Republicans on the Bankruptcy bill. Next time you want to screw the Middles Class, could you please kiss us first?"

I swear to you, I actually said these things when the DNC and the DCCC called me. They never gave up, but listening to their stunned reactions was worth it. I usually just got plenty of "Uhh, oh, uhh, I'm so sorry you feel that way. Uhh, oh, thank you for your time." CLICK.

karena said...

This was a great post.
We were thinking so much alike, and for that I am grateful. We have to keep up the good fight. These wins were only paegentry, it is no time for us to start spouting "Mission Accomplished."

Neil Shakespeare said...

I hope that, at least, the spirit of the country has changed from the total fear inspried by the Bushites to a glimmer of hope. But we'll see if that translates into positive action.

pissed off patricia said...

Getting bolton out will be good, but until the US stops covering for everything Israel does, nothing will truly change. We need to show that we are fair. I'm not sure if our country will ever actually do it and that's sad.

Frederick said...

Axing Bolton is a good start, and the caliber of Judges that get through confirmation will be the icing on the cake. Impeachment is off the table for a simple reason. There isn't enough time before he's out of office. Focus people. Iraq oversight hearings.

Kathy said...

The Dems are calling for troops to be withdrawn in phases and claim it is their first goal come January. As much as I'd like to see the war in Iraq end, I don't think we can withdraw all of the troops at once. I'd like to see it take place in phases over the next year to give the Iraqis time to deal with the transistion. I don't think we should be there by next year this time though. We need to set a date and stick to it.

I'm in a minority when it comes to impeachment I guess. I think we should just issue some kind of statement for historical purposes that says the facts were there and the president deserved to be impeached, but the Dems decided to put the best interests of the country first. I'm worried impeachment proceedings would bog down our government and we'd never end the war and solve all the problems the Bush administration created.

Lily said...

I think that when I hear that argument, I wonder about what will happen in the future if we constantly set aside justice or accountability "for the good of ___"(fill in the blank)My concern is that when laws are ignored, treaties ignored, alliance ignored, and so on...that they become irrelevant.

I think there is merit to the idea that a blow job should not be recorded as impeachable while Bush and his gang of idiots do as they please.

Very sad pictures, Lew. I know that you post them to show the real nature of violence, and I appreciate that you do so with courage. I'm not sure what the answer is there. Maybe Bolton will go, what good is he really anyway? They need to get serious.

Snave said...

Very powerful stuff you have written, Lew. It makes me think hard about what is really wrong in the Middle East. I don't believe it is the mere existence of Israel that is the problem at all, or even the refusal of some parties in the Middle East to acknowledge the existence of Israel, but more likely our insistence on siding with Israel just about whatever. A more balanced approach to that region might not please everyone, but as some conservatives like to remind us, what is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.

That link re. Israel not ruling out a military attack on Iran is freaky-scary.

I agree with Frederick, that Iraq oversight hearings could be much more constructive than impeachment. Such hearings could be more revealing and damaging than impeachment proceedings, and if thorough, might provide us with enough information about how so much went wrong with Iraq... that we might not venture into something as foolish again.

I don't disagree with the concept of impeaching Bush, heaven knows he has done enough to deserve such a vote of no confidence... I think impeachment would create a backlash and too much ammo for the Rovesters, and as Frederick suggests, there might not be enough time to adequately do anything of a rush job. I think oversight hearings would be more for the purposes of gathering information, and would be more likely seen as something constructive. I think it would be something most moderate Republicans could get on board with, too.

Not that I really feel like being that bipartisan, not after they have basically crapped on the left for six years of Bush, and for the 12 years they have held the House. My definition of bipartisanship is "I'll hug your elephant when you kiss my ass!" But I think it would be good to try a few things we CAN get them on board for, and I doubt impeachment would necessarily be one of those things.

Tumerica said...

Thank you for this scary post. We gotta think about these things. Is it OK to disregard impeachment? Does any legislator have the right to preemptively dismiss impeachment? To decide what's right by will of the American people? For the people of the world?

Back to Israel, the U.S. has turned a blind eye to their aggressive tactics too many times in the past for it to be less than a systematic stamp of approval. Anyone who speaks out against this aggression is instantly labeled "anti-semitic." Well, I ain't anti-semitic and I still hate unprovoked attacks of terrorism.

Electing new leadership will not fix everything--too much to fix. Bird by bird, we have to make one change at a time. First, Iraq. Hopefully, delving into the truth behind 9/11 will be in the top five of the to-do list. And, wishfully thinking, a few harsh words to Israel about defensive rather than offensive tactics. Maybe naive of me, but I can dream, can't I?