Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's All A Matter Of Perspective

President Bush, meeting last week called Iran "A threat to world peace". Even though Iran has not threatened any country at all, or attacked any country. It's civilian nuclear program has yet to provide any evidence of a major weapons program. Even with all this evidence, the US is planning a possible attack on Iran.
But once you leave the US and Israel, who does the rest of the world see as a threat to world peace? Half of Germans see Bush as a threat to world peace.Nearly three-quarters of Brits see Bush as a threat to world peace. The Swedes see it that way, too. Our neighbors to the north also see Bush as the greatest threat to world peace. In fact, the whole damned world ranks George Bush as a threat to world peace.
Why is this? Is it because other countries aren't dominated by a corporate media that runs pro-war propaganda non-stop? Or are we blinded by our own chauvinism? Or is it because The US rejects international law and breaks treaties? Or possibly is it becaue George Bush is the greatest threat to world peace?


Peacechick Mary said...

Bush has to have a lot of stock in both anti-depressants and bombs - one makes the other. I agree, he is a threat to world peace and domestic peace.

Tina said...

Call me crazy, but when a nation like Israel announces that they will be opening a center in George W Bush's name for all of the hard work he has done for world peace and for "promoting Israel's national security", they really should be brushed aside as batshit crazy.

sumo said...

Israel has something in their water undoubtedly that causes insanity. How can they possibly think this? Because when it comes down to it...the USA is the only nation that will back them up...and that scares the crap out of them. So naturally their going to kiss his ass...cuz there ain't nobody else.

Anonymous said...

This is old, and the USA is not going to invade Iran...we can hardly keep the momentum to continue the occupation of Iraq. Also, invading Iran is not a logistical posibility at this time. Look at it from a "real" persepective: USA invades and holds Iraq and Iran, during same time frame, North Korea Invades South Korea, USA does what? Redeploy the National Guard? It does not make sense, and it will not happen, especially in todays more democratic political climate.
You need to find something relevant to complain about...if you can.
I suggest becoming angry at genocide in Africa, lack of relevant stem cell research, a gayless military, the lack of serious progress in renewable energy, voter fraud( does it still exist?), welfare rights( lack of),the opposition to affirmative action, college tuition inflation,the lack of mental health options for veterans of the Iraq war, national health care, libary funding, homeless shelter funding, stray animal funding,child labor from undocumented workers, cuts in public broadcast radio...
Find a new cause. This last election was not a vote against those that lost, but a vote against Bush. His reign and ability to enter this nation into needless wars is over. It ends now. Iran will be a nuclear power by 2009, but with no US invasion.

Anonymous said...

George Bush and the Cheney Menstruation are far too morally and intellectually superior to have to abide by frivolous laws.....they know better, and it's for our own good. BULL-fuckin-SHIT! This illegitimate extension of Presidential Power is certainly the most urgent problem facing Congress and citizens.
TinFoil hat time......They can't be impeached because we are at war, and after all, that makes Bush the Unitary Executive so now, whatever he the law. They aren't going to go quietly, and all we are seeing right now is the calm before the storm.
Cheney needs to be dis-armed, before he shoots us ALL in the face. May the force be with you

AJ said...

Anonymous 911-

I commend your response to Lew's post but must interject a few things in his defense. You're right, this is an 'old' story, but one that will not go away. Why not?
There are (imho) a few a priori ideas that you have formed:

1. An attack on Iran does not and will not require a full ground invasion, that is why tactical nukes have been formally discussed for months, bringing horrors out of Pandora's box which was never meant to be opened except for self-defense.

2. Your inference that the US/Britain is having 'trouble' holding Iraq suggests that the present outcomes in Iraq have been a surprise. Did you read about the British agents dressed as Moslems, attacking points in Basra, then being arrested by (Iraq) coalition forces & jailed-then the JAIL was attacked by British agents to get them back out? This blatant point suggests strongly that the dissinigration of Iraq into smaller separate 'states' was not without rational thought.

3. You have to ask yourself how we got into the Middle East 5 years ago in the first place...then very quickly into Iraq. The PNAC required a Pearl Harbor for the catalyst to be in place. If sacrificing thousands of American Civilians (whether intentionally or by looking the other way), is not enough to convince you that this is different than the dynamics in Vietnam 40 years ago, I dare say nothing will. If you think that the forces that began the present PNAC push into the M.E. will just "cut & run" at this point in time, you are in for a rude awakening. By 'forces' I do not mean only the US & Britian.

4. The reality is that the US (and its Allies) cannot afford to have renegade countries that SELL oil, selling said oil for anything but US dollars. It is the only reason that any country's central bank would have to keep dollars in their bank vaults. In a perverted way the Neo Cons are correct in telling the American People this war MUST happen to protect the American People. A sudden debasement of the US Dollar would create economic conditions similar if not worse-then in 1930. Of course what they don't tell you is that THEIR multi-million portfolio would be adversely effected for years to come.

5. Becoming angry at the normative ideas you presented is well and good, although many of those ideas you present are part and parcel to the game that is being played. For example:
child labor/undocumented workers will not go away because it makes money for the elite. You cannot have a functioning capitalist system without the employment of some group in an economic paradigm. Lack of renewable energy progress?Please....I wonder why not? Have you heard of others in that have formatted a good inexpensive system and what happened to them or their ideas?

Please do not think I am suggesting that getting angry at the ideas you suggested we should concentrate on are not well and good, but understanding what the rules are, how the game is played, and above all , who has control of the dice is paramount to understanding where you and I fit in the scheme of things.

Lew Scannon said...

Thanks AJ,well said.
Just because the Democrats won the midterms doesn't mean they don't answer to the five hundred pound gorilla in the room that is still demanding we attack Iran. I never mentioned anything about an invasion, as neither has anyone in the Bush administration, they think they can merely bomb suspected nuclear sites (with nuclear bunker busting weapons)and have that be the end of it.
I notice however, while you didn't fail to mention the genocide in Africa, you fail to mention the genocide going on in Gaza, genocide that is funded by my tax dollars and is the main reason we will continue to be the target of terrorists. To me that is more upsetting than any of the items listed by you that are on the liberal agenda, which I don't necessarily cater to.

karena said...

There is much to say. First of all, I do not let go over the upcoming attack against Iran because I'm hearing the same old drumbeat from Bush that we heard before he invaded Iraq. Another reason is that there are enough Dems who would vote for the attack, so they offer no protection. Another reason is the meetings with Olmert, which remind me of Karen Kwiatokowski's (sp) writings after she took early retirement and left the Pentagon after 20-some-odd years in the Air Force and witnessed first hand how the Neo-cons had taken over the military. The only thing that will stop this air attack is Bush being locked up for being insane, or a military revolt. I too think that the single most important issue we face right now is undoing the neo-con agenda. We will make very little difference domestically if we do not protect our nation from the neo-con madmen who foment terrorism and hatred towards the US.