Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lessons to Be Learned

As this midterm election finally draws to a close, and all that mud is mopped up from the various candidates flinging it back and forth at each other while never stating what they were about, we can all take a breath and relax, but don't get too comfortable. Now is the time for the Democrats to prove they have the mettle to lead this country back to it's glory days, not positioning and posturing for potential presidential ambitions two years from now. There's a lot that needs to be done, a lot more that needs to be undone, and the time to start is now. So here are some important lessons the Democrats should learn from this last election.

It's Still The Economy, Stupid
Foreclosures are up, while the housing bubble is deflating, leaving a lot of Americans with debts that can't be paid off because the outsourcing of jobs, while producing lots of cheap consumer goods, doesn't make for a strong economy. Sales are flat lining, and curiously enough, gas prices are starting to creep back up again. The Democrats need to close the trade deficits that leave countries like China with a lot of dollars in reserve and nothing to back them up in this country.
I find it interesting that in the final days of this campaign the republicans switched tacks, going from the Democrats winning will help the terrorists, back to their other standby, Democrats will raise taxes. But somehow someone needs to deal with the largest budget deficit ever created, as the dollars pumped into circulation to cover these debts will only increase inflation.

Lobbyists Only Have One Vote
In the previous, Republican controlled Congress, the lobbyists ran the show, hell, the congress only met ninety days last session, Their $165,000 a year salaries equaling out to $18,000 a day. the rest of the time they were playing golf, going on golfing trips financed by lobbyists, and lining their campaign war chests with contribution from lobbyists. Most of these lobbyists were looking for legislation contrary to what the majority of Americans wanted theuir government to do. And the Republicans forgot, not only what they opposed when they took congress in 1994, but how many people out there pay their salaries and demand something in return for it. A lobbyist only has one vote, but an enraged voting bloc can send you apcking back home.
Pay Attention To The Polls
I realize most polls are there to create opinion, not reflect it, but when the polls say most Americans are opposed to the situation in Iraq, strongly disapprove of how the war is being handled, you better fucking listen! Bush found out too late and had to scapegoat Rumsfeld (damn! won't have him to kick around anymore)in order to save face with his party.

Beware Of The Blogosphere
That's right, you, me, mikevotes, all have contibuted in some small way, whether it's disseminating information, or possibly convincing a non-committed voter to voting democrat (I know I have one avid reader who voted all Democrat this year because of what she read here. Or so her kids told me.)So whether it was Daily Kos, WRH or justKvatch kvetching, or sumo and her cartoon collection, we all contributed something positive to this election. We need to be as vigilant with the Democrats as we were with the Republicans.
As an aside, is it me, or did all the trolls suddenly disappear about three months ago? What ever happened to the one who was going to make all hippies retreat?
and finally, The Truth Is More Important Than The Party
Every major scandal, from Abramoff, To Foleygate, to Plamegate came about because the Republicans seemed more concerned with protecting the party than protecting the people. This led to all the Republicans being painted with the same brush. Covering up crimes is akin to condoning them. Don't give the right cannon fodder for their fight against us, distance yourselves immediately from those within your party who would bring disgrace to it.
While I am satified somewhat with the outcome of yesterday's election (sure, there are some I would have liked to seen get trounced)I realize the Democrats have along road ahead of them to prove themselves to me. Because if enough people get disgusted with both parties, we can always find another one.


sumo said...

On top of the subject as usual...and thanks for including me with those other sterling bloggers...much appreciated. I would like to see lobbyists completely stopped...make a law against it. We should socialize medicine...screw the pharma companies that help keep the prices up on drugs...and the malpractice insurance that the doctors have to pay just to be doctors. They've already paid through the nose for their educations. I think people's salaries need to be re-evaluated to be more realistic. I think for an oil CEO to retire with 400 million dollars while we are scrambling to pay for gas at the pump...because there isn't enough oil you know...which translates that they have to charge more at the pump when it suits the. They all need to die in my opinion.

Maybe they won't be so quick to dis the citizens now and will pay attention to the polls like you said. There comes a time when the people will revolt...and they did. I think the internet had alot to do with it as one variable. People got to see more of the destruction of the middle east compared to what we were allowed on our TV's. Cheney must be frothing at the mouth at these things. Soooo what!

Granny said...

You're right on with everything you said but I'll think about it tomorrow and just enjoy today for now.

GraemeAnfinson said...

nice analysis. public finanicing of elections. I think that needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Lew. Just for the record, I let Debbie Stabenow know that here although her voting record has been mostly acceptable, her cave in to Bu$h on the detainee act was unacceptable, so I voted for her green party opponent.

Betty Cracker said...

I hope the Dems take those lessons to heart. Pelosi said all the right things yesterday, including the drain the swamp comment. Let's hope this time it actually happens.

pissed off patricia said...

The dems now have an awesome responsibility. You got it right. It's about the people, not the party. It's about Americans.

Anonymous said...

" Because if enough people get disgusted with both parties, we can always find another one."

EXACTLY!! They better not forget it!

Peacechick Mary said...

When I saw that DeVos lost, I thought of you and grinned. Great photo for today's post and I agree with you. It's also the liars war as that ties right in with the economy - the uber rich get richer at our expense. We do have to keep on the Dems - we hired them to do a job and dang it, they are gonna do it.

azgoddess said...

we need to get money - any kind of money outta politics...just my two sense

Kathy said...

This was a great list. The Democrats also need to stay squeaky clean. They have their chance, but they only have two years until the next election and they can't blow it. No scandals, no turning their backs on what the American public wants, and no pandering to corporate interests at our expense.

Oh, one more thing: Investigate Halliburton.

karena said...

Amen, brother Lew.
We can let Nancy Pelosi blather about draining the swamp all she wants, but let's wait and see what they do with
Bob Gates. This will be a defining point for me. There is plenty to be done, but if they let Bush throw them a couple of bones and continue to throw the world a bunch of corpses, you are right, we will find a new party.

Frederick said...

"We need to be as vigilant with the Democrats as we were with the Republicans."

Amen! Even more so! We've got one year to get it right...

P.S. Twilight of the!

Lily said...

I agree with alot, but do feel the housing market was artificially inflated by predatory and "creative" financing and it NEEDED to correct.

Foreclosures are not up because of jobs, they are up because of adjustable rates that went up when interest rates went up. If you had an ARM mortgage, you would have seen an increase perhaps of a few more hundred a month. These programs helped many people afford "more house" and when people can afford more house in proportion to income, all prices rise in a market. Thats what happened here.

Anonymous said...

Hey...sorry I missed this mention Lew. It's much appreciated.