Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crazy High Schoolers!

Bush met yesterday with the Iraq Study Group, which sounds fairly innocuous, like a bunch of teenagers getting together to study about Iraq.

Muffy: What are Iraq's major exports?
Biff: Uhh, oil and ....terrorism?

Sorry Biff, but the terrorism is actually being imported into Iraq.
The high school mentality of the Bush administration shows through though when the ISG, as well as Tony Blair, recommend opening a dialogue with Syria and Iran. Bush's response? "I'm not talking to Iran until they give up ther nuclear ambitions". See? Just like a high schooler. But excuse me a minute, Mr. Bush, wasn't that your strategy for dealing with North Korea's nuclear ambitions? We all know how successful that worked out now don't we? Seems like the true mark of an insane person is when they keep repeating the same actions over and over and expect a different result.
Like Richard Perle. The man who was the chief neocon calling for the invasion of Iraq later said he wouldn't have supported the invasion if he knew it would have been handled so incompetently. Now Rummy's gone, and Richard Perle is back, calling for an attack of Iran. Some people may remember Mr. Perle as part of the Pentagon's civilian defense board who stepped down from his position because he was dealing arms (along with Henry Kissinger) to the US. Of course he wanted a war!
The ISG was set up by James Baker III, Bush family bag man, who once again is bailing out one of the Bush boys like they were in high school again. Nice work if you can get it!


GraemeAnfinson said...

People forget that when Clinton talked to N.Korea, they kept their plutonium factory shut down. Bush stops talking and look what happens.

And James Baker? Isn't there anyone else to do this?

pissed off patricia said...

What we need is an adult at the table doing what adults do. Instead of drawing a line in the sand, perhaps talking to the people. Bush has truly gotten too big for his britches.

He thinks he's king of this country and of the world. Adults face reality, he doesn't even understand it.

Frederick said...

What ever you do, don't throw me into that there brier patch...

P.S. Yeah, but what category do we nominate you in?

Maybe that's what I'm wondering...what category would I be nominated form by my loyal readership =)

azgoddess said...

so true -- the mark of an insane person is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results


then america is insane

as we've been letting the same group of white rich men run this country into the ground for years....

Anonymous said...

Now Rummy's gone, and Richard Perle is back, calling for an attack of Iran.

And, wonder of wonders, he expects this next war to be handled competently? The man's a moron!

sumo said...

And we thought it would get better...not a chance.

Anonymous said...

Time for the adults to intervene....Gawd what a sad state of affairs. And even more shameful that 31% of "Americans" don't get it.