Sunday, April 16, 2006

What Qualifies As News

Sitting at my computer this evening, strumming my guitar as I tried to figure out a song at Harmony Central while browsing their OLGA, , a news story in my sidebar brought a WTF reaction to my head long enough to distract me.
The other night, while at Kvatch's, there was a discussion about Kitten Biting Republicans. The theory was, that these people would support President Bush even if he went on live television and bit the head off a kitten.(Kind of like the people who would vote for the Democrats even if they ran a yellow dog)
But what caught my attention was this little item: Sean Hannity Still Backs Bush. This is news? Sean Hannity is the Kitten Bitingest Republican ever. Bush could be revealed to be satan himself, or a friggin' space alien and Hannity would still be behind him. Why? Because they're both Republicans, and that means besides being pig headed, neither will admit they're wrong.
"Let me be straight with you — I like George Bush," Hannity said. "I think he's a man of principle, a man of faith. I think he's got a backbone of steel and he's a real, genuine, big-time leader ... He's a consequential figure for his time. We don't see it right now."
We don't see it right now because Bush isn't showing any of the qualities that make you fawn over him, you pugnacious sycophant. A leader? The man has led the country into two quagmires and is planning on a third. Sure, he a consequential figure for his time, but not in a good way.

History will vindicate Bush as a strong leader the same way it did Harry Truman, another unpopular president of his time, Hannity said.
No, history has already vindicated those who opposed the war in Iraq, which no matter how much Bush tries to spin it, turned out to be a bad decision. Hurricane Katrina, Social Security reform, Medicare drug program, the Dubai port deal, increased budget and trade deficits, record unemployment, recession,the Bush administration has been one failure after another. The only people who think he's doing a good job are those people in the bubble with him (who got those huge tax cuts and, like Dick Cheney, who received a $1.9 million refund, got huge tax refunds).
So how this qualifies as news is beyond me. I'd rather have another fluff story about some cat trapped in a wall than one about Hannity backing Bush. i guess the corporate media couldn't find anyone to back Donald Rumsfeld, do they went with the next best thing.


Kvatch said...

Since no network panders to their audience like FOX panders. It makes one wonder if they're just projecting what they think their viewers want to hear and pumping it through Sean Hannity's pie-hole?

Guess you're just not their demographic. :-).

(BTW. Thanks for the mention.)

Lew Scannon said...

Hey, no problem! Blognonymous is one of my favorite stops so i had to give you props!

Lily said...

Mine too! Love the frog! Agree with him on the pie hole feed.

Back from Mini-vacation!!!!

michael the tubthumper said...

much more of george bush and there will be nore history to write

Left of Center said...

Lew mentioned Kvatch just to suck up to the bigtime blogs.. shameless..perhaps hannity should replace scott mcClellan and then get a chance to suck asss everyday, and get paid for it. wait.. that already is his gig...hmm

Lily said...

LOC thats funny, he's such a nimrod.

ELB said...

PS Lew? Where've you been?

dusty said...

Well, since the Shrub IS the Decider..and Hannity has his head so far up his ass he knows what the dipwad had for breakfast..he would make an excellent talking head for the Shrub's administration...thereby making the news..the news..

does that sound as dumb as it looks..sorry:P