Saturday, April 08, 2006


President Bush and his party are struggling in the polls right now. Every attempt by the adminstration to sell the war in Iraq has only led to his numbers falling more. In the mean time, we get more and more news out of Washington about the abuse of power and disregard for the Constitution by the Bush White House, and every day, we see the Republican Congress, instead of dealing with the violations of law by Bush, enabling them to continue on. They have put the party before the country, and more and more people are waking up to that fact.
Bush likes to blame the media for continuing to report the bad news out of Iraq. If the war had gone as they and their pundits in the corporate media had claimed, the Iraqis would have their own government in place, and our soldiers would be at home. but now Bush has said that the troops won't be coming home on his watch, which is something we weren't told (by the administration anyway)pre-invasion. This makes the Republicans look dishonest. Is it any wonder they're struggling?
This week saw the resignation of Tom DeLay from his House seat. Mr. DeLay is one of a number of Republicans getting caught up in the Abramhoff scandal, all of which have been Republicans. Add to that, the recent conviction of Abramhoff. Plus the indictment of Scooter Libby. Which has led to the White House being the source of the leak, after a year of denial from the White House. Then there was the arrest this week of Brian Doyle, DHS deputy press aide. then ther was randy "Duke " Cunningham, convicted of accepting bribes,the White House aide arrested for stealing from Target, a list so long that I probably couldn't name them all, nor could you.
In short, the Republicans have done nothing the public approves of. From shielding the President from any retribution for his criminal act, to passing legislation that most Americans oppose, all the while not making them feel any more secure, the Republicans have dropped the ball. (of course, the Democrats have forgot what they were playing and are now lucking for a puck, but that's another story)
In the days following 9/11, the republicans have squandered all the political capital they had (as well as much of the countires resources) on an agenda meant to further the party more than help the American people. They have spent us into a hole, not including the war on terrorism, which is off the books (and was supposed to pay for itself), and continue to expand the trade deficit. They have lined the pockets of the wealthy while doing everything they could to ensure that the working people slip further into debt. Perhaps the Republicans are struggling because the majority of Americans are struggling themselves.


Left of Center said...

Hold on to what you think is the best for you. That must be what what Bush Supporters say to themselves. Rino.. Republican In Name Only.. voting against there own best interests based on monolithic topics such as gay rights and abortion.

pinkfem said...

Hi, Leftie!
We saw what it took to get the Latinos out of their LazyBoys. What do you think it would take to moblize the rest of the couch potatoes??

Diane S. said...

God, you've been in my head, Lew.

I'd love to hear you expound on the final statement, "Perhaps the Republicans are struggling because the majority of Americans are struggling themselves." I say this because I too sense that the majority of Americans are struggling, but it's a deep struggle, one that's so deep I'm not entirely sure what it's about. Your thoughts?

Lew Scannon said...

I mean "struggling" in an economic sense. As the price of oil goes up, so does the price of everything else. meanwhile wages haven't risen to cover this, in fact, wages have gone down due to inflation. Add to that the outsourcing of jobs, and the Bush administration's attempt to flood the labor market, thereby driving wages down more, and a burden has been placed upon those trying to survive in an economy where all the money stays at the top, not trickling down as the theory goes.
Also I feel they are struggling because they are being fed too much propaganda, we need to invade Iran,(when the reasoning sounds all too familiar to them) the war in Iraq is going swimmingly (when news of increased fighting comes out of there everyday), that they can't deal with now. They are being told the economy is growing, when all the real growth has been at the top, and they're being told all their financial problems can be fixed if they just refinance their houses and take out a second mortgage.
And finally I see them struggling because although the Republicans have messed things up, the Democrats haven't really responded with any solutions of their own, leaving a leadership vacuum for the American people.

qrswave said...

Lew, there's no vacuum. Americans have been led by bankers for some time now - over two hundred years.

Democrats and Republicans are just fronts for money changers, appeasing the people with a semblance of democracy. And all the while, the media is enabling this colossal scam.

Lew Scannon said...

Well, you couldn't tell the American people that. Thanks to million dollar advertising campaigns they see thir neighborhood(yeah, right) banker as a member of the community, and a trustworthy friend.

Lily said...

Blame the bankers or the money printed on demand to pay for lie-driven policy?