Sunday, April 02, 2006

Give Your Children The Gift of Love, A Tumor

Everytime I see an idiot walking around or driving talking on their sell phone, I wish grievous harm upon them. Is there something so important about your conversation that it can't wait until you can devote your full energy to it? Of course not, cell phones are the new status symbol, and nothing is more evident of that then the new models with better features they bring out after the suckers have bought all the old models.
Now, I'm not entirely opposed to cell phones, there are times when a cell phone is a useful tool. It's the calling plans that force you to use or lose your minutes that keep people driving around absorbed in conversation when they ought to be absorbed in driving. But now, a recent Swedish Study suggests that extensive cell phone use can lead to brain tumors.
Sure, I know, studies funded by the cell phone comanies have suggested otherwise, but the phone companies wouldn't release a study that shows their product to be dangerous. The Swedish study also suggests that the chance for tumors in greater in younger people who use the cell phones. And this is just the group that cell phone advertisers aim for, as well as the parents of concerned parents who want to keep tabs on their children at all times.
To me, the study makes sense. Cell phones send a radioactive signal to a tower, which then sends the signal via radio waves to another, all the time continuing the intensity of the radio signal. And the signals emit from a device that is held in close proximity to the brain. How could it not cause tumors?
So, will this study stop people from using cell phones frequently? Probably not, as there are those out there who still smoke cigarettes, or methamphetamine, despite the obvious health risks. This might even increase cell phone use by teenagers who always seem to have a death wish anyway (I know I did when I was a teenager. I thought that nothing can kill me, and so far, I've been right) as they think it makes them look cool to be dangerous.


Granny said...

Your last paragraph described most teenagers perfectly. They're sure they are immortal.

Cell phones. I'm not sure how I managed without mine with 3 kids in school and a sick husband at home. Now I can leave the house knowing that I'm reachable.

No text messaging, no bells or whistles, and I don't drive and talk.

The girls take my husband's cell phone when they go to the store or out walking around the n'hood. Another freedom from worry for me. They won't have their own (at least if I can hang tough and be mean grandma once they're older.

With the limited use, I'm not too worried just yet.

Lew Scannon said...

Like I say, they are useful, but there are those who take it abuse them. I mean do you really need to talk on the phone when you're shopping (although, I'll admit, it was something I did when I had a cell phone and was married, "Honey, do we need some more Pop-tarts?")