Monday, November 29, 2010

Bringing Teh Crazy To A Whole New (Local) Level

I might be giving the Tea Baggers a little more credit than they deserve, but I think they actually learned something from this past election. After winning only 32% of the elections, mostly in smaller jurisdictional races, as opposed to statewide Senate races, they've decided to think smaller. How small? They now are turning their attention towards local school board elections. This is not surprising from a group that considers President Obama an elitist for having, you know, an education, but the scary part is that their intent is cutting spending where it already has bee cut too much: education.
We can only hope they'll rein in pointless spending, like in Texas, where old text books are being replaced with ones that espouse a conservative point of view at a cost of $1.9 billion. Because while one can put a price on education, indoctrination is a different story.
Another part of the plan is the continued union busting, because apparently uniting together is good for some Americans, when workers do it, suddenly it's socialism.
So while Lockheed Martin, or KBR,orHalliburton can take advantage of the self-perpetuating war on "terror", it's those damned elitist teachers who are demanding a living wage that are ruining this country.

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Tom Harper said...

There's nothing new about rightwing stealth candidates running for local school boards and city councils. It's so easy to do. Nobody pays any attention to these boring local races. (I plead guilty.)

When it comes to voting, I always know the national and state issues inside out. But when it comes to the candidates for county auditor, vacancies on the planning commission -- yawn. And that's how these wingtards get in.