Monday, May 24, 2010

We Need More Retards Like This In Washington DC

Another sign that our country is quickly devolving into an Idiocracy is the claim made by California senatorial candidate Chuck Devore that Jack Bauer would support him.
Them conservatives sure do love themselves some 24: Seasons 1-7 . Never mind that Devore is seeking the nomination from the Tea Party wing of the GOP, which has among it's Contract From America that the constitutionality of every law be indentified, while Jack Bauer's disregard for things like Miranda rights and penchant for torture make him probably the most unconstitutional character ever depicted on television. Forget the fact the 24 was canceled due to sagging ratings, meaning it's popularity among voters is not worth embarrassing yourself by claiming an endorsement from a fictional character from that show. No, the question is, how can you rail against big government while bestowing upon yourself an endorsement from a fictional character who works for a monolithic government bureaucracy?


Tom Harper said...

I saw that same story too. This is the funniest rightwing retarded comment since Dan Quayle got into that ongoing shouting match with Murphy Brown.

People used to joke that conservatives would ask themselves "What Would Jack Bauer Do?" Now it turns out it wasn't a joke after all.

libhom said...

I haven't heard of the guy. I guess most of his supporters are fictional.