Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Texas State Board Of Indoctrination

There are some people who think it's pointless to vote, that our system is rigged against us anyways. Or only vote in "important" elections, because it really matters which corpocratic party is in charge of the White House. The truth is that the oil spill in the Gulf would have happened under either party's watch, because they all receive corporate contributions to look the other way while rich people get richer, usually at the expense of those less fortunate, the middle class.
The reality is, the only real important elections are at the state and local level. Real change can be effected when you're imposing an idea on a smaller group of people. No better example of this can be found than in Texas, where the newly elected state board of education has issued a curriculum based on Christian "values". Because, in their minds, the US is a Christian nation, and in their feeble minds the words separation of church and state never appear in the Constitution.
This is the beginning of America's decline into a full-fledged Idiocracy. What these mouth breathing television watchers don't understand is the same principle that allows them the freedom to practice their belief system also allows me the freedom from having their belief system imposed on me. A belief system so narrow that it's knowledge filters require that Thomas Jefferson's importance in the establishment of this country be denied, while championing the somewhat dubious achievements of criminals such as serial adulterer Newt Gingrich and chronic napper Ronald Reagan. None of this will make their children, smarter, or better, only as useful as a dick on your elbow.


Tom Harper said...

"as useful as a dick on your elbow."

God knows what I'd do without my elbow dick.

When it comes to working at the local level and getting themselves elected to city and county governments, school boards, etc., the Right has been way ahead of the Left for several decades. And I think liberals are more guilty of staying home on election day because "uhh, this isn't anything major, just a few local races."

Distributorcap said...

all of a sudden home schooling is looking pretty good......

and i thought home schooling was a bad idea

Lew Scannon said...

You right, the GOP is a lot like an elbow dick, or maybe just a bunch of dicks.....
The hypocrisy here is many of these people who want vouchers when the education system is more moderate don't mind having your taxes supporting their ideological indoctrination.

libhom said...

Distributorcap: Letting most Texans home school their kids is at least as bad.