Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin's Coming To Town

Resigned ex-Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin kicked off her 2012 Presidential Campaign book tour today here in my hometown, with a book signing at Barnes and Noble, and lots of Grand Rapidians lined up to gawk and help push her ghost written tome on to the best sellers list. This is not surprising, as this is one of the most conservative parts of that state, a place where John McCain has been removed from McCain-Palin bumper stickers (like he was the weak link in that train wreck)on the back of elderly driver's Buicks, leaving Sarah, Plain and Tall. In fact some "news" networks went as far as to edit in old campaign footage to bolster the claims. I'm sure it was just because it's so much cheaper than sending a news crew out to film a bunch of obese and wrinkled septuagenarians who took time off from their busy schedule to stand in line.
Palin's book tour is focused on the "real America", because somewhere in the faltering brain cells of those few people left who still refer to themselves as Republicans, small cities and rural areas are more American than say, California or New York City. This is her way of saying that if you live in these outlying regions, and as long as you vote Republican, then your vote counts, darn it. And if you the other 78% of Americans, well, darn it, you're just not real enough to deal with everyday problems, such as your daughter's baby daddy posing for Playgirl, or being interviewed by Katie Couric as a political candidate, instead of as one working mother to another like you thought. Whatever it is, she's not going away anytime soon. You betcha.


Kathy said...

I saw a poll that said 40% of Americans would vote for Palin if she runs for president next time. That sounds impressive until you take into consideration they were only polling Republicans, and the 'Pubs only make up about 20% of all voters. So, approximately 8% of the population is crazy enough to vote for the woman.

Tom Harper said...

I heard she isn't allow any reporters at some of her speeches and book-signings. That darned old liberal media, they keep twisting and distorting everything she says, so she only wants to talk to real hardworking Americans who know what made America great and it wasn't government bureaucrats who just get in the way of America's productivity and ruin the great resources of our wonderful land and the Godfearing --

My fingers get tired every time I try to do a Palin imitation :)

libhom said...

I hope Levi builds up muscle mass and becomes a gay porn star.

Agi said...

I hope she runs in 2012. It will be fantastic entertainment.

Lew Scannon said...

That makes Palin supporters less of a majority than atheists
Of course she doesn't want a record of what she's saying, in case some one holds her to it (or uses it to prove how unintelligent she is)down the road
I hope Levi Johnson doesn't spend that Playgirl money all in one place
It would be even more entertaining if she wins. A disaster for the country, but President Obama has left me wanting a bikini wearing gun toting theocratic idiot in the Oval Office for the wing tards to have to defend

libhom said...

Lew: If Levi is smart, he will apply that money to a college education.