Monday, November 09, 2009

Because Rupert Murdoch Cannot Have Enough Money

Now he's going to turn all his online News Corpse sites into subscription only. Good luck with that. People I know all over are clamoring to put money down on a web site to read the news.
To make his point, Murdoch says now his online newspapers will be "invisible" to Google users.
How will they find his online papers?
Murdoch thinks that because people demanded and pay for Fox News on their cable systems, that people who like that sort of propaganda will look for it online as well. Idiot. People won't look for it online because it would tear them away from Fox News, require them to get out of their comfy chairs, and require them to read. Fox News better because reading done for viewer. Viewer not even have to think, just do as Glenn, Bill or Sean tell them to. Viewer no like computers, computers reek of intellectualism.
Rupert knows you have two coins in your pocket, he can hear them clinking around. And, by God, he's going to find away to get them from you, even if he has to torpedo his own websites to get them.


libhom said...

I wouldn't pay a dime for his unpatriotic, fascist, Hitler loving propaganda.

Tom Harper said...

A lot of news organizations are doing this, or talking about it anyway. I think it'll backfire, especially for Fox.

Like you were saying, an IQ in the double digits is required to operate a computer and subscribe to an online service. That eliminates most Foxsuckers. Their lips move when they're searching for the right button on that there complicated TV remote. A computer would be way waaay over their heads.