Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Easiest Job In The World Is Fact Checker At Fox News

..Mainly because they don't check facts, they merely make shit up. They already went to court to protect their right to lie to people and shield advertisers from negative publicity, after they won that case, well, you know the rest of the story.
recently, Sean Hannity aired a segment on Michelle Bachman's most recent tea bagger gathering. In order to inflate the numbers, someone edited footage from one rally that had a large number of lunatics onto one for Bachman's smaller lunatic fringe gathering. After being busted, not by media watchdogs, but a comedy show, Hannity weakly offered up this apology:
we screwed up - we aired some video of a rally in September, along with a video from the actual event,...It was an inadvertent mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

Yes, someone inadvertently took one piece of file footage from another file and put it in with another accidentally. Happens all the time. On Fox News.
Now I seem to remember the professional prevaricators at Fox getting their tighty-whities in a bunch when Dan Rather reported on the Killian Documents, which were criticisms of George W Bush by his former commander in the National Guard.
Sean Hannity on the lack of media ooutrage over the documents, which were later found to be forgeries:
I was just thinking to myself, you tell me if I'm wrong here, if Republicans had forged documents or had gotten forged documents and gave it to a news organization, and they turned out to be false, wouldn't this be a much bigger story in the mainstream media?

Isn't this the same form of misrepresentation you're guilty of Hannity? More:
An article in The New York Observer today revealed some new information about the CBS investigation into the "Memogate" scandal. According to the story, freelance producer Michael Smith, he taped many of his conversations with CBS investigators and executives in the weeks after the scandal broke.

Smith told The Observer that the tapes of his conversations proved that nobody at CBS, quote, "seemed interested in the truth."

And, so it seems, is anybody at Fox News.
Rather was run off CBS News by the right for his mistake. I think it only fair that Hannity be held to the same standard.
Contact Fox News here and demand they fire Hannity for such an obviously unfair and imbalanced piece.

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Tom Harper said...

Hey, these inadvertent mistakes happen all the time.

Remember when Nixon's secretary got into this bizarre yoga position that most yogis can't even do, then stretched her leg out 27 inches longer than it actually is, and -- OOPS -- accidentally kicked the erase button on the tape recorder. She didn't discover her horrendous mistake until 18 minutes later. Oh! Woe is me! What have I done??