Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's Not In The Bible Anymore

Does the Bible have a liberal bias? Of course it does, which is why the nice folks at Conservapedia have decided to delete the liberal bias from the Bible. No more of the love shit for them, now it's just going to be fire and brimstone and the wrath of God. That'll make for some exciting reading for them.
But why stop there? Why not make the Innkeeper a free market entrepreneur who was well within his rights to make those moochers Mary and Joseph sleep in the stable. Or portray Judas as having a keen business sense and as being loyal patriot for betraying Jesus for a few pieces of silver? There's a lot of Jewish people in the Bible,couldn't an anti-Semite just delete them all, and make Jesus a nice Christian boy who grew up worshipping himself?
It would appear that the wonderful Christians over at Conservapedia don't love Jesus as much as they hate "liberals", which I believe puts them squarely in violation of the whole "Thou Shalt Not Have Any Other Gods Besides Me" commandment. These twisted souls have shown how utterly useless their Bible is by changing the word of their God to fit their belief system, as opposed to changing their behavior to fit the word of their God. But, you would expect as much from the same people who changed the Constitution to allow torture, illegal wiretaps and indefinite incarcerations.


libhom said...

The Bible is such a waste of time.

Tom Harper said...

And don't forget, Pontius Pilate had no choice but to sentence Jesus to be crucified. His only other choice was to become one of them Activist Judges that conservatives hate so much.

The "new" Jesus will have short hair, wear a Brooks Brother suit and hold business conferences with those moneychangers he had previously driven from the temple.

Kvatch said...

Ah to be blogging on the topic that is on everyone's mind today.

Here's my take. ;-)