Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grow Up, It's Halloween

The United States has become a haven for overly sensitive, namby-pamby cry babies whose sensibilities are easily offended any time some one dares to make a joke.
Take The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. They've become deeply offended by an 'illegal alien' Halloween costume. the costume features an orange jumpsuit stamped 'illegal alien', a rubber alien mask, and a green card. While I will fully admit the costume isn't clever, or funny, only the most sensitive of types would be offended by it.
Like Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the director of communications for CHIRLA. who thinks because the costume comes with a green card, that it's "an ignorant attempt to poke fun at a small community." Yes, but a small community of criminals who have entered the US illegally. Now, I am not opposed to immigration. Everybody in this country has ancestors who have emigrated from some other place. What I am against is those who operate outside the law, and yet seem to want to claim so sort of legal protection. I'm sorry, but you're a fucking criminal, no better than the previous presidential administration we had, which placed itself above the law as well. And if you're offended-good, you should be ashamed. Don't do disrespectful things then demand my respect.
1 in 6 Americans are living in poverty, there is no work in California, and the real unemployment rate in this country is at 16%. An influx of more unemployed people who are willing to work for less flooding the labor pool is the last thing we need. So don't cry to me if some uncreative redneck decides to wear a costume poking fun at your illegal activity. I'm sure they would find it just as funny if you wore a toothless mask with singed eyebrows and went as a meth-head.
After all, it's Halloween!


Tom Harper said...

All right, one of my favorite Genesis songs. Usually I hate it when a progressive rock group "sells out" and starts cranking out Top 40 hits. But with Genesis it was the opposite. I never could get into them when they were progressive and Peter Gabriel was their leader, but when Phil Collins took over and they started cranking out the hits, they were great.

Yes, there's way too much political correctness in this country. Both sides need to lighten up and remove the ramrod.

libhom said...

The thing about the costume that was incredibly stupid was that the "illegal" alien had a green card. Legal aliens have green cards.

libhom said...

Tom: I like Peter Gabriel's solo work better than anything Genesis ever did. I guess it worked out better for everybody.