Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's Baa-a-a-ack!(Actually, She Never Went Away. You Did)

President Obama has a surprise waiting for him as he starts his summer vacation in Martha's Vineyard (who knew he owned property there?) and it's not gun toting astroturfers. It's Cindy Sheehan. Seems she's still upset that even after riding the antiwar sentiment to power, Barack and the rest of the Democratic party have now turned there attention to not solving America's health care crisis, as opposed to not solving it's financial crisis, among other crises facing the administration these days.
Moreover, Obama is continuing the Bush administration policy of rendition of "terrorism" suspects, or heck, anybody it damn well pleases.
So even though the war in Iraq has been proven to be based on lies, and deception, the Democratic party still thinks we should still be fighting it. Good for them. And after exploiting the antiwar vote, they feel it's more important to not do anything about ending these shams, lest chickenhawks label them surrender monkeys.
It's interesting that the antiwar movement barely received the coverage the anti-health care reform crowd is getting these days, and it wasn't until Ms. Sheehan began her vigil outside George W Bush's Crawford ranch that the media paid any attention to the movement. Because, with the arrival of Cindy, a grieving mother who wanted answers as to why her son had to die, that the corporate media could put a face on the movement that war shills could use to paint it as "looney". But I doubt if any of the astroturfers will demonstrate the tenacity of Ms. Sheehan, her pain and anguish are real, as opposed to what amounts to actors hired by the health industry lobby to disrupt serious debate about reforming our seriously fucked up health care system. And I'm sure health care reform will be a lost and distant memory before we see any end to the wars of choice we are fighting in the Middle east.


Tom Harper said...

Liberals need to organize better. They used to be good at this. Now the wingtards are beating us at our own game with these Astroturf groups. We need to fight fire with fire, for getting government-paid health care, getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.

Cindy Sheehan also demonstrated just how meanspirited rightwingers are. I couldn't believe how many photoshopped pictures of her I saw on rightwing blogs, and them calling her every name imaginable. It takes a lot of courage to shit all over the bereaved parent of a soldier.

Kvatch said...

We need to fight fire with fire, for getting government-paid health care, getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.

It's a tempting notion but is based on the notion that Democrats have any interest in listening to what liberals want. They do not.